The episode began with Howard agreeing to work with Amy who needed an engineer for her new neuroprosthetics project. The new arrangement did not go well with their better halves—which was Raj in case of Howard. Penny found a book on parenting and used the tips to control a green-eyed Sheldon who started to feel abandon soon.

The friendly collaboration

A little blast from the past happened when Leonard had to drop Sheldon to work as Amy left early to show the lab to Howard. Sheldon tried to play a new card game with Leonard naming “Which Siren am I?” Initially, Sheldon shoved off Leonard’s idea that he felt jealous of Amy and Howard working together.

However, he later dropped in Amy’s lab to find them enjoying working together much to his dismay.

Penny tried to calm him down by using the parenting book left by Bernadette which was surprisingly a success. Raj tried to lure Bernadette into feeling jealous of Howard spending time with Amy, but Bernadette paid no heed.When Amy returned home after a long tiring day, Sheldon tried to seduce her by proposing to restart working on their quantum cognition project. It was a well-constructed scene as the apparently innocuous conversation had a whole suggestive undertone.

Sheldon turned to Bernadette, in the end, expecting her to be in the same boat emotionally. However, Bernadette showed once again that she was a practical person already putting up with Howard’s one work wife, i.e., Raj.

She told an unsuspecting Sheldon that doing house chores would definitely make Howard jealous and put him to work.

Raj caught Howard and Amy ’red-handed’ dancing on the ’Calendar girl’ in Amy’s lab during a break, and came to Bernadette to tell the tale. He unknowingly also leaked the information to a busy Sheldon that Howard hated doing chores.

Sheldon told the whole story to Penny and Leonard which led them fighting. In the heat of the argument, they unintentionally disclosed about Penny using the parenting book on Sheldon which enraged him even further. He ended up getting upset with everyone including Mark Twain.

Final verdict

It was an episode which would make viewers remember why they started to love the show in the first place.

All the main characters had their distinct storyline which resonated with their overall character psyche. Raj’s possessiveness for Howard was the high point of the episode; while, Penny using parenting techniques on Sheldon and Leonard was comical.

Penny has always been the wise guy of the trio, and every time she tricked Sheldon into doing something; it is worth a watch.