It was good to see another monster of the week episode and Winchesters back in the hunting business. The only difference was they were not alone. Sam and Dean have got an intern in the form of Jack, or at least Dean thought so. Imagine the future possibilities! Jack was happy to help the only two friends he was able to make so far. It was a lovely sight watching Sam and Dean instructing Jack about monsters and how to deal with them.

Lazarus rising

Cass had woken up at the end of the last episode. Finally, viewers got to know where angels and demons go when they die.

The truth is not pleasant at all. Unlike humans, the divine creatures go into a big empty void where they sleep through eternity.

In the last episode, Jack called Castiel which caused him to wake from the fatal sleep, which had never happened before. Like every other ethereal place, The Big Empty also had a part-ruler part-gatekeeper responsible for everyone sleeping there. When Cass got up, so did he and he did not like getting disturbed.

As a bonus point, Misha Collins played the character of the ruler which was worth watching. The ruler told Cas that he was older than God and Amara. It was an epic scene to watch Misha lambasting Cas, and he did a good job. A little different from the Lucifer-Misha, but thoroughly convincing as the master of the Big Empty.

The monster this week was a shapeshifter, but a very compassionate one, as she was working as a grief counselor. Sam and Dean went to her as grief-struck sons who were still mourning their lost mother. Jack was presented as the third younger brother.

The counselor cross-questioned Dean as she found him not processing his grief while Dean was his usual self—drenched in self-denial.

A frustrated Dean accused Sam of not accepting Mary’s death and saving Jack to bring her back. Later, Sam confessed that Dean was right and his sole reason for taking care of Jack was to use his powers. However, he was finally able to move on, and his concern for Jack was genuine.

In the Big Empty, the creature finally threw Cass out after lots of exchanges of heated dialogues and punches.

The episode ended on a cheerful note as Cass was happy to breathe the air on Earth finally. Jack was pleased with himself when Dean appreciated him over his fight with the shifter.

Final verdict

A good episode! Lots of potential to built great sequences in future! Viewers want to see more of the ruler of the Big Empty—a creature which predates God and Darkness. Well, if God can have a sister, then who knows he might have some other family members as well.