The episode Retraction Reaction of the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" began with the notion that the whole group has come to know about Bernadette’s pregnancy. Leonard told the group that he is going to be interviewed at City Radio. However, things didn’t go according to the plan as he busted it big time.

Episode review

The story mostly folded around Leonard who blew the whistle about the discoveries in the physics sector by telling an unsuspecting audience that nothing significant had been discovered for quite some time. Leonard had to face a backlash from his friends and other physicists at Caltech who didn’t agree with him.

Sheldon tried to disprove Leonard’s idea of Physics being a dead science but didn’t come up with a reason to support his counterclaim.

All four friends ended up getting drunk at Romulan Ale which was actually Vodka with blue dye. They later visited Richard Feynmann’s grave in the same drunken state, but nothing really happened there — except a realization dawned upon them that they are into Physics because of their fondness for it. Raj and Howard were almost invisible in the whole episode except for quick one-liners here and there.

Amy got new lab equipment as the university increased the funding for the microbiology lab. Sheldon, who was already in shock over Leonard’s interview, did not receive the news well.

Bernadette and Amy had a side-story of their own where they both discussed how they cannot share their success with their significant others. Bernadette also pondered that she had to hide promotions and bonuses from Howards for the same reason.

Both ladies resolved in comradery to cheer achievements of each other even if their partners couldn’t.

However, they soon started to pick at each other by flaunting things needlessly. The show mostly based jokes on stereotypes like Jews or Indians. This one was in the same line where men cannot really enjoy the success of their wives and women can never appreciate the accomplishments of another woman.

Final verdict

"The Retraction Reaction" was another lackluster episode after a disappointing season premiere.

Sheldon was the genius who made a luminous fish back in Season 1. Now, he couldn’t come up with a single idea which could be attributed to the service of Physics to mankind in recent times. It seemed too far-fetched that Sheldon Cooper is turning into an ordinary being, minus the brilliance.

Howard is barely there to fill his role, and not because he has something to contribute. It would be much better if they showed him cheating on Bernadette instead of this hollow presence. Raj is also there to just recycle his old stuff. He has no storyline, even after two episodes.

What is wrong with ”The Big Bang Theory“ this season? Everything. Looks like the show makers are busy with the young Sheldon spin-off.