Teen idol David Cassidy died Tuesday evening in a Florida hospital with his family by his side. The pop icon was taken to the medical facility last Wednesday because of excruciating pain and doctors said his organs were failing. Initially, there was talk of a kidney transplant but on Saturday the family was told that death was imminent. The Rock Star's family gave a statement saying he died with loved ones surrounding him, joy in his heart and was now free of the pain he had dealt with for so long. Cassidy was considered the biggest pop star of the 1970's and his fans supported him till the end.

David Cassidy projected a wholesome image

David Cassidy was considered an icon of 1970's and his face graced the cover of several popular magazines including "Teen" and Tiger Beat." His claim to fame came from portraying Keith Partridge at age 16 on "The Partridge Family" from 1970-1974. His real-life stepmother Shirley Jones played his single onscreen mom, who had a rock band with her five young children.

Cassidy projected a wholesome boy next door image and developed a cult following that continued throughout the decades. His music career took off and he had a number of hit songs including the top 10 hits "I think I love you," and "Cherish." David's career took him all over the world where he sang to screaming teenage girls.

He told Access Hollywood that by his mid 20's his career began to decline and he was unsure of what to do with himself.

Struggles in later year halted Cassidy's career

In recent years David Cassidy went on record detailing his struggles with alcoholism and several DUI's. He also went through a divorce and filed bankruptcy. Cassidy eventually became clean and sober but said that his doctors told him that one more drink could end his life.

He also began dealing with memory issues which led to a diagnosis of Dementia. The rock star stated that both his mother and grandfather had the disease and he felt it was only a matter of time before he dealt with it as well.

Earlier this year fans were troubled when Cassidy forgot lines to a song during a concert in California.

This caused him to realize the Dementia was beginning to affect him. In spite of the issues in his personal life, with his finances and even his health, there are fans who will not dwell on the 67-year-old who endured some of the hardships of life. They will instead always remember David as a young Kieth Partridge, singing to the many teen girls who loved him.