Billboard recently published its list of ‘World Albums’ chart and guess what? G-Dragon topped the list. The ‘World Albums’ list was accompanied by the ‘Billboard 200 Chart,’ and G-Dragon’s latest EP ‘Kwon Ji Yong,’ has certainly managed to beat the rest. He has recently performed for Thanksgiving.

It’s a jolly-good time for G-Dragon as apart from making it on top of the Billboard list, the Korean star also ranked first in Japan’s Orion Weekly Digital chart. Additionally, G-Dragon also got an all-kill on multiple music charts across the board.

Korean music industry

As pointed by Allkpop, the Korean music industry is growing gradually, thanks to artists like G-Dragon. The K-pop group continues to make its presence known in the world. Apart from G-Dragon, other Korean artists such as BTS with its ‘You Never Walk Alone,’ and Day6 with its ‘Sunrise’ and Produce 101 with its latest single along with Suran and his ‘Walkin,’ have also managed to make it to the top of the list.

Coming back to G-Dragon, the artist reportedly recently launched a USB stick album as well. According to a report published by Digital music news, G-Dragon’s latest album ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ is apparently being sold in USB Stick drives. However, the Korean Music Content Industry Associated has refused to accept this means.

Initially, most fans loved this idea. However, even the fans started lodging complaints against this. As per official authorities, the use of physical objects to distribute music is not allowed. Therefore, G-Dragon’s latest album that is made available through USBs might be put down altogether.

Big Bang updates

Big Bang has been making a lot of headlines lately.

Big Bang’s T.O.P. was recently admitted to the hospital for the marijuana controversy. During the time where he was serving his military enlistment service in Seoul, T.O.P. was found unconscious after apparently overdosing on his medications. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, following which it was discovered that his blood tested positive for consisting of an illegal substance.

His fans were extremely disappointed too. He was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit. Not only was T.O.P. suspended from his military enlistment service but he has also been held for the crime of consuming illegal substance especially in the area of discipline. It appears like the Big Bang group has been jumbled up in a lot of controversies, regardless of whether they are good or bad. While some have caused many fans to turn into haters, others have just caused them to love Big Bang even more.