Facebook users need to be aware of a new warning concerning the popular meme that users have been recently sharing on their pages titled "10 Concerts." According to MSN reports the meme seems harmless enough, but it could carry some hidden dangers, exposing personal information that could lead hackers finding out user's answers to a popular password security questioned.

'10 Concerts' Facebook meme users beware.

The Facebook meme instructs users to list 10 concerts they have attended in their lifetime, nine real ones, and one that is a fake. Friends then attempt to be the first to guess which one the user is attempting to deceive them with.

Experts are warning users that posting such information could lead to revealing too much information that hackers could potentially use to decode some of your most important passwords including access to your bank accounts.

Hackers can easily steal your passwords and identity.

The risk is listed as a moderate risk according to the National Cyber Security Alliance's executive director Michael Kaiser. Kaiser adds as a precaution that revealing information about personal musical interest could lead to hackers decoding sensitive personal information.

He also adds that the simple and entertaining Facebook quizzes are also a potential danger and could lead to destructive viruses. In 2016 a warning was posted about a popular meme called "Be Like Bill" that warned users that the opening the link it gave the site permission to access your Facebook information could cause some major privacy concerns and possibly expose your computer to viruses.

Facebook users should be on the look out for certain phrases stating “you won’t believe what happens when…,” “shocking video” and sensational images or headlines. The site contains the phrase, “You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover."

“You are expressing things about you, maybe in more subtle ways than you might think,” Kaiser said.

While such polls and quizzes are usually all in fun that there are also some designed that are targeted to collect information allowing thieves to recover your account information quickly.

“People always have to have their eyes wide open when they’re on the internet,” he said. “It’s the way of the world.”

Case in point, be very careful what you choose to share, in today's high-tech world one could Open The Door to identity theft and potential financial devastation in the blink of an eye, remember it is always best to use extreme caution online.