Earlier this year there was a lot of buzz about Michael Muhney's alleged return to "The Young and the Restless." Fans were excited to hear that Adam Newman might be coming back to Genoa City, and then his return was confirmed. Months later, however, there has been no sign of Muhney and talk of Adam Newman has all but ceased. Now spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry are suggesting that Victor's son and Chelsea's husband may indeed be on his way back to save Newman Enterprises; however, there is a catch. It will not be Michael Muhney but a recast in the role.

How did spoilers go from confirming one actor to suggesting that another will take his place?

Adam may return to save his father's company

It was initially suggested that Adam would return so that Chloe would no longer be considered a murderer. Spoilers then suggested that the reason Kevin came back to Genoa City was to let Victor know his son was alive. The next scenario was that the Newman patriarch would tell Nick that his half-brother was really Christian's father and this would set the stage for Adam to reunite with Chelsea and Conner. None of it panned out, however, and now a new possibility exists.

Thanks to Abby the assets for Newman Enterprises have been frozen and the company is battling the scandal of their Design Date app being a front for prostitution, Victor has named Victoria COO and she is letting the power go to her head.The new spoiler alerts imply that Adam is the only one who can help his father save the company and turn things around.

Michael Muhney seems open to the possibility

On June 30th Soap Central posted an interview with Michael Muhney where he said there was no return scheduled at that point. he was elated that fans were still desiring to see him portray Adam one again and he left open the possibility. The actor is currently on the television show "The Good Doctor" which would indicate that he is not even free at this particular time.

If indeed the new head writer/executive producer, Mal Young, is considering having Adam Newman rise from the dead and return to Genoa City, it is more than likely that it would be a recast. One thing fans know for certain and that is that the secret about Christian's paternity will not remain hidden for long. Nick and Chelsea are on the outs so this would be a good time to have her husband return. Keep watching for spoilers and make sure not to miss an episode of "The Young and the Restless" which can be seen weekday afternoons on CBS and 12:30 PM.