In case you didn’t know, the Duggar family is not allowed to have a social media accounts until they are married. I know you may think that I’m lying but have you ever wondered to yourself why Jana is one of the only Duggar children to not have an Instagram account? You see, it is widely known that the Duggar family has some strict rules. After all, any time that they are on the internet they have to be supervised. They also have to be monitored when they are watching the television in case they are watching something that may redeem as impure.

Anyway, continue to read below if you want to find out why the kids can’t use social media until they are married.

Why do the Duggars have to wait until marriage to use social media?

Well, as you already know through the constant supervision in the house, the Duggar kids have been in a way shielded and protected from the world. The parents ban them from socializing platforms until marriage as they sort of see social media as impure and they want to again protect their kids from seeing the strange things that appear on there. Now, they are able to use these platforms as soon as they are married, though, as the Duggar kids will then start a family of their own. Then the parents can’t really have an influence on their own family as they did their jobs as parents until the moment they gave the child away in marriage.

That is the main reason why Joy-Anna has social media accounts at such a young age, as, after all, she was engaged and married at 19 years old. Her sister, Jana, who is 27 years old, is single and has no accounts at all.

Why can Josiah Duggar have social media if he isn’t married?

Now, Josiah Duggar, who is the eldest of the Duggar children, has had his fair share of issues with the law, but he is also the only Duggar to have social media accounts before marriage.

Josiah was actually in the process of courting his girlfriend, Marjorie Jackson at the time he created his online accounts. His parents probably thought his courtship would lead to an engagement so they might have allowed him access to those websites. However, now that he is a single man who already had the accounts created his parents probably let him keep them, as they were already created.

You will be able to catch up with the Duggar family on their TLC reality television show “Counting On.” It was just renewed for a new season and won’t co-star Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, because of his online bullying towards fellow transgender TLC reality television star, Jazz Jennings.