Last month, news of three Girls’ Generation members leaving SM Entertainment shook the music industry. The said K-Pop girl group, which is also fondly referred to as SNSD, reportedly underwent changes when the eight remaining members negotiated their contracts.

Three members reportedly decided to leave the agency, while the five remained and renewed their contracts. The three members were reportedly Tiffany Hwang, Sooyoung Choi, and Seohyun, but SM Entertainment never confirmed these reports.

The news had fans all over the world assuming that the girl group was finally going to throw in the towel, however, SM Entertainment and the girls assured fans that despite three of the members leaving the company, the group will not disband.

After a few weeks since the announcement was made, Seohyun spoke up and revealed her side of the story.

Seohyun pursues acting career

Shortly after news came out that Seohyun was reportedly setting up a one-person agency for herself, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation updated her official Instagram account with a lengthy post to address the concerns of fans. She opened up about how she wanted to explain things as soon as the news got out, but she wanted to make sure she didn’t leave out any important details.

She thanked the agency and its founder, Lee Soo Man for giving her the opportunity of making the company her nest where she started and blossomed. She explained that she had a hard time deciding over her contract, but eventually opted to leave because she wanted to give herself a challenge and try pursuing her acting career on her own.

She emphasized how she wanted to be known as Seo Ju Hyun, which is her real name, and move on from just being Seohyun from the internationally popular K-pop girl group.

SNSD has no plans to disband

As Seohyun revealed how she was grateful for her fellow members, the company, and especially the fans, she also confirmed one crucial thing.

She affirmed that she will still be part of Girls’ Generation even though she will be moving to another entertainment company. In her post, she stated that she will do her best to support the group, and be with them whenever they need her in the future.

The girls were engulfed with news of disbandment, but their company assured fans that they had no intention of disbanding, and will continue to promote with eight members even if some of them were under different labels.

Seohyun was the first one to speak up since the surprising news. Tiffany, Sooyoung, as well as the remaining five members still in SM Entertainment may have failed to understand what’s going on, but their social media activities evidently show that they’re still all in good terms.