"Chicago Fire" did not disappoint with its fall Finale on Thursday night (Nov. 2). The drama-filled hour saw many character storylines fulfilled, while still giving the audience quite a few cliffhangers. Though there were far-fewer episodes during this half-season than in the past, the show has ramped up the level of entertainment, drama, and storytelling to keep NBA viewers glued to the television.

Goodbye Hope?

The drama between Stella Kidd and Hope came to a head during the finale. Stella, who in the last episode accused Hope of messing with her because she's jealous, starts this week's episode getting a notice that she is to be transferred to Public Relations.

Stella, of course, did not apply for the job, nor asked to be transferred. The transfer is assumed to be some kind of mistake that Chief Bowden and Casey attempt to fix. Unable to fix the problem, Stella is transferred to a job that she really does not want. Upset about the transfer, Stella gets drunk at Molly's to the point that Severide finally decides it's enough and takes her home. Once home Stella kisses Severide, but he tells her not like this and goes to his room. In the morning Stella claims to not remember anything after Molly's, even asking how she got home. Severide lets it go, but it can be seen on his face that he does not fully believe her.

Stella's absence allows Hope to work on charming the guys of Firehouse 51 by purchasing a new outdoor grill for them.

Casey does not let this distract him though from finding a way to get Stella back. After being reminded that someone would have to sign the transfer, he does a little more investigating, only to Find that the name on the transfer is Chief Sam Mullins. When Casey approaches Mullins about the transfer, it is revealed that the signature is forged.

Bowden is brought in on the information and Hope is quickly fired. Stella returns to the firehouse, but things between her and Brett are on the rocks. Brett attempts to apologize to the crew for bringing Hope around but is unfortunately interrupted by a call. Is this the last we have seen of Hope? Or is Firehouse 51 going to have to put up with her antics once more?

Personal Lives

Elsewhere in the episode, Otis may have found a new love interest. When he goes to purchase items from a bar that is closing down, Otis meets the bar owners daughter to which he has an instant connection. He then works to help the bar owner and his daughter, by convincing Herrmann to partner with the bar owner to open another Molly's.

Dawson spends much of the episode dealing with her father, who is causing trouble for himself at his new job. In trying to get in good with his new boss, Ramon throws Casey's name around to an alderman hoping to get some zoning issues solved. Casey, of course, is furious and Dawson promises to fix it. When Ramon shows up at the firehouse to tell her that he is on probation at his job because of what she did, Dawson yells at him, saying that he only ever thinks about himself.

Dawson and Brett are later sent out on call, the call the interrupts Brett's apology, where someone has been stabbed. Upon arrival, Dawson and Brett approach the man lying on the ground and roll him over revealing that it is Ramon. Is Ramon going to survive? How is this going to effect Dawson emotionally, especially since she did not leave things on good terms with her father?

Due to NBC hosting Thursday night football from November to December their Thursday night shows have gone on hiatus earlier than usual. "Chicago Fire" will return most likely in early 2018.