Park Shin Hye has been making a lot of headlines lately. It appears that the celebrity-actress, in a recent interview with Vogue Taiwan, revealed a lot of personal details regarding her life. During the interview, the Korean actress admitted that she is planning on getting Married.

Everything you need to know

According to a report published by Soompi, the Korean actress was posed with a lot of questions during the interview. The interviewer seemed to be taking complete advantage of her frank attitude and asked her multiple questions regarding her past and personal life.

It is during this time when the interviewer asked her about her plans of getting married, to which she responded by saying that she hopes to get married before she turns 30-years-old. Park Shin Hye answered by saying that she is willing to get married as soon as possible if she comes across the right person.

She further went on to suggest that while she is ready to get married as soon as the right person comes along, there isn’t anyone in her life at the moment. Park Shin Hye also added that she is still too young to think about marriage and that she needs to focus on many other details especially with regards to her career for now. Park Shin Hye is expected to kick off her ‘2017 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour, Flower of Angel’ from Hong Kong, starting 10 June.

To recall, and as reported by Soompi recently, the actress recently attended a CNBLUE concert in order to express her support for the band. The actress further went on to upload multiple pictures from the location and it seemed like she did have a good time. In the photos, she can be seen holding a light stick from the concert and there were many pictures with Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyung as well.

Hye on Allure

The celebrity actress recently was hired by the officials behind ‘Allure’ to pose. According to a report published by Allkpop, Hye did a splendid job with the issue. She looked absolutely alluring for the July issue of Allure magazine. The photos from the marvelous fashion shoot soon surfaced online. Fans have been gushing over this ever since.

The celebrity actress has received much love and support for representing an extremely bright and vibrant image of herself. She was especially praised for her ability to switch to being a powerful and s*xy goddess during the fashion shoots as well. The actress’ fans are completely captivated by her gaze which is piercing through the photos from the fashion shoot.