If you watched the most recent episode of “Outlander,” you’re probably feeling as anxious as Claire is about saving Jamie from being turned over to the authorities in Jamaica. You were probably just as shocked to discover the goat lady’s plan to save Claire as she was, and equally as heartbroken when her plans were foiled.

Dr. Randall – er, Malcolm – to the rescue

This journey to Jamaica has been a rather eventful one for "Outlander" fans! Now Claire is in doctor mode aboard the “Porpoise” and we love it! Well, we love Claire’s skill and knowledge.

Not so much the fact that men are violently ill and dying. In a way it's comfortable to see Claire in her role as healer again, and we feel her frustration regarding her primitive surroundings and the distrust of her shipmates. Did it really surprise anyone when Mr. Johansen drank all the alcohol? Nope.

One of the best parts of this "Outlander" episode was the bond that developed between Claire and young Elias. While it was rather obvious that Elias’ time on the ship – and on earth, really – was limited, the blossoming mother-son-type relationship between the doctor and her sweet young helper was heartwarming.

Finding that he’d succumbed to typhoid, like so many of his shipmates, was both unsurprising and heartbreaking all at the same time. Claire had discussed the concept of compartmentalizing but wasn’t able to shield herself from the pain of losing her dear new friend. Neither were we.

Did Jamie ask too much of Fergus?

Back on board the Artemis and headed for Jamaica, Jamie was obviously going more than a little stir crazy in his close quarters and he asked a favor of Fergus that put the dashing young Frenchman in a difficult spot.

In fact, Jamie didn’t ask, he demanded that Fergus steal the keys to set him free. "Outlander" fans' hearts were beating faster when they heard the sailors discussing how they would rape Marsali, and so did Fergus’. He promptly informed Jamie that he wasn’t willing to put his beloved in danger, and naturally, Jamie understood his predicament.

How could he not?

Is Claire’s determination enough to save Jamie?

The end of the episode had Claire jumping overboard into dark, frigid waters in an attempt to find and warn Jamie about the arrest awaiting him in Jamaica. Apparently traveling across 200 years of time and saving a ship full of infectious seamen wasn’t enough of a challenge, now she needs to escape captivity and travel over a foreign land to find a way to warn someone who is out at sea and uncommunicable. "Outlander's" Claire and Jamie have overcome worse obstacles to find each other, right?