Nicolas Cage, stars as a ‘bad ass’ vigilante detective and former Gulf War veteran John Dromoor, who seeks justice for a single mother Teena (Anna Hutchison) and her daughter; after the mother was brutally raped on July 4 by several local thugs in his new film, “Vengeance: A Love Story.

The movie is based on the award-winning novel, “Rape: A Love Story” written by Joyce Carol Oates. It’s available in limited release in theaters and also on video streaming services like Amazon Video. Don Johnson also stars, as the defending attorney for the rapists.

What's disappointing in the premise of the film is it is not a love story at all, it's a thriller.

Was 'Vengeance' worth waiting for?

The film begins at a very slow pace, showing a very stoic and distraught Nicolas Cage staring off into space; being rather quiet waiting in a car for a suspect with his partner. It gradually builds up into a suspenseful thriller long after the rape scene.

The film made only $5,000 in its first opening weekend, which is a huge embarrassment for the filmmakers and Nicolas Cage; considering the production costs and the time and effort, it took to make this film. In the opening credits, his production company, Saturn Films produced it under his name as the producer.

He dropped out of directing the project and gave the director's chair to Johnny Martin.

Why this film will go 'unnoticed'

It's not a bad film, but it's not a winner either! I liked some parts of it like when our hero Nicky, decides to take justice into his own hands and murders the thugs and he looks cool and handsome in a black leather jacket.

I like the scene where he displays his good-guy character as he rescues Teena from trying to commit suicide by the waterfalls. Obviously, the rape scene was very disturbing as well as the courtroom scene when the rapists escape justice. It made fans very agitated because rape should never be tolerated and they should have gone to prison.

It’s really a travesty that a falling superstar like Nicolas Cage now has to resort to taking roles in crappy films that go straight to Amazon Video, DVD or Netflix just to pay his bills. The last few films he’s made went unnoticed and are not heavily marketed in theaters anymore. I have to admit; I feel really bad for him. I really enjoy his work, but some movies like this one shouldn't even exist. I honestly hope his career is resurrected with a “National Treasure 3” or another blockbuster film one of these days, instead of all these low-budget independent films that no one would care to see except for die-hard Nic Cage fans.

Rating: C-