“Nashville” has faced cancellation news before, but this time it looks permanent. After ABC announced it had canceled the country music show at the end of Season 4, CMT chose to pick it up for another year. The network then announced that it would air a sixth season, which will begin in 2018.

Connie Britton announced that she was leaving and a full storyline was developed to write her out before the midseason finale. It was heartbreaking and devastating, but it was what the actress wanted. The big question was whether the show would survive without her.

Now it appears that ratings haven’t been strong enough and the network had decided that the show isn’t going to go on. “Nashville” Season 6 is officially the last. A report by TV Line confirmed this disappointing news to fans.

Network and show decision

Unlike many other shows, CMT hasn’t just pulled the rug from under “Nashville.” It appears that the decision to end after Season 6 is a joint decision. Executive producer Marshall Herskovitz said via a statement that he wanted the show to go out with a bang, in a positive way celebrating the joys and twists, along with the music. He wanted to focus on everything that made the show great over the last six years.

The show will definitely get a much better ending than what would have happened with the Season 4 finale.

When ABC chose to cancel the show, Avery heard that Juliette’s plane had lost contact. It turned out that the plane had gone down and Juliette was hurt, but fans didn’t know that until Season 5 after CMT revived the show. If ABC had gotten its way, fans would have been left wondering the fates of all their favorite characters.

CMT followed up with a statement, saying that creatively this is the best time to go out. “Nashville” fans will be happy for a season dedicated to them, as fans of many other shows have benefitted from. Last year, “The Vampire Diaries” fans were treated to a memorable season that connected back to the first seasons on multiple occasions and brought back many favorite characters.

‘Nashville’ will return in January

Fans now want to know when the show will return for its last season. “Nashville” Season 6 will premiere on January 4. Rachel Bilson will not return to the show, despite some fans warming to her character in the end. There will be 16 episodes of the season, likely split in half as was last year’s season. Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio, and many other stars of the show will return for the final run.