TLC's Bariatric Surgery show "My 600-lb Life" features morbidly obese patients shedding unprecedented amounts of weight. However, finding weight loss also loses things like relationships with their nearest and dearest. MSN featured some little-known facts about Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and his popular reality TV show. Many Gastric Bypass Surgery patients who win over obesity also fail at marriage. Why does weight loss lose love? You might be surprised at the answer.

Laura Perez loses 80% of herself and her other half

"My 600-lb Life" celebrity Laura Perez, who now goes by Angelika Pacheco, has shed a jaw-dropping 500 pounds.

That equates to 80% of her body weight. When Laura Perez came to the TLC reality show, she weighed over 600 pounds. Her caregiver spouse Joey did everything for her and loved doing it. Viewers found it hard to believe that anyone could enjoy feeding, cleaning up after and toileting an obese person but Joey seemed to. Now after bariatric surgery (and hard work) Angelika says she weighs 120 pounds. But her name is different and there's no sign of Joey in her Facebook posts.

Amber Raschdi drops 400 pounds and 160 more

The big joke among women who want to lose weight is that divorce sheds 160 pounds (or whatever the ex- weighs). There may be some truth in that. "My 600-lb Life" Amber Raschdi bid farewell to 400 pounds after Dr.

Now performed gastric bypass surgery. She also said goodbye to her controlling boyfriend. Did the reality television experience kill their love? Or did Ms. Raschdi find in weight loss, the courage to end a toxic relationship?

Christina Phillips ends obesity and relationship

Another "My 600-lb Life" star pupil is Christina Phillips who has shed somewhere around a quarter ton.

Folks wondered why her then-husband stayed around. Ironically, he was up for the dirty work but not the cleanup. When Christina shed her shell of crippling obesity and stepped into a strong, self-sustaining self, Zach couldn't handle it. Her new independence seemed to uncover a frail, co-dependent person inside her spouse.

Why men love obese gals and leave healthy ones

These failed relationships on TLC involve more men leaving women after weight loss. Is this a pattern with celebrities? At least on the reality show "My 600-lb Life," wives and girlfriends are more likely to stick around. What is it about now-healthy women that their caregivers fear? In their own words, the guys like being needed. They have control being the only one the woman is attracted to. They're afraid they'll lose power when she loses weight. They're frightened of the confidence that weight loss brings. They're terrified that when other men see their spouses' beauty, the lady will move on.