When ''The Bachelor'' debuts in January 2018, it will mark Season 22. This year, the show features 36-year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr. The racecar driver first appeared on season eight alongside the beautiful Emily Maynard. Even though he was the runner-up, he showed class throughout each episode. Now, he has the chance to find love for himself after all these years. The season is halfway done filming, yet it appears there's already a major front-runner.

Anonymous tip surfaces

Like most reality shows, the cast members in ''The Bachelor'' are usually required to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement so that the show's ending remains a surprise.

However, it appears someone in the show's Reddit forum is privy to who will walk away with Arie's final rose. That woman is none other than Rebecca Kufrin. The Reddit user won't disclose her source as to protect their job. Where there's smoke, there's fire, though.

Who is Rebecca Kufrin?

So who exactly is Rebecca Kufrin? Unfortunately, since the show isn't even finished filming, much about her and her cast mates remains unknown. It does appear that she had a natural chemistry with Arie from the very first episode. There are even reports of Arie and Rebecca being seen out in public. According to observers, their body chemistry seemed passionate and authentic. Of course, ''The Bachelor'' still has time to throw fans for a loop via editing.

That's what makes this dating show so popular. You never truly know what the cast members will do for love.

Home dates could play a pivotal role

The show typically climaxes when the home dates roll around. There is so much added suspense and emotion when the women open themselves up like never before. They essentially give the man a peek into the type of person they are beyond the cameras.

Who Arie ultimately picks could hinge on how these dates go. Typically around this time, one of the women shares some revealing information that has the man questioning everything. Or one of the family members questions the man's intentions since it is a reality show after all. This season probably won't be any different, and you can rest assured Arie will have to make some tough decisions by the show's end.

So what do you think? Is this anonymous tip accurate or will Arie end up choosing someone else? Stay tuned and feel free to make an early prediction for who will secure Arie's final rose at the finale. This season should be full of passionate moments and exciting twists and turns.