Meghan King Edmonds takes aim at Lydia McLaughlin in part one of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12 reunion. The subject will be a particularly tense one because it will be over faith and psychics. Lydia's firm Christian beliefs put her at odds over the use of a psychic, which Meghan turns to on occasion.

Psychics vs. faith

Edmonds invited the "RHOC" cast over to her house for an evening with her psychic, but McLaughlin didn't want to participate in the readings. In the first reunion episode, Radar Online reports that Lydia openly says she doesn't believe in psychics and doesn't want to be around them.

The two get into an argument over psychics, with Meghan accusing Lydia of not viewing them as people. Lydia explains that she had no interest in having a psychic reading, but Meghan is offended because the psychic is also a friend. She continues that psychics aren't trying to "push" anything on you, but Lydia accuses Meghan of not believing in Jesus. Due to this, Lydia tells her that she can't understand her faith. At that point, Meghan fires back at Lydia that she should use her brain and not lean on the Bible to learn everything "right and wrong all the time."

The comment leaves Vicki Gunvalson looking shocked, according to the "RHOC" spoilers. McLaughlin responds by telling Edmonds that she does use her brain to read the bible.

Edmonds insinuates to her that maybe she's just always in the right before telling her that she hit a nerve with her by not treating her psychic like an equal person.

Lydia ends with telling Meghan that she thinks she's going to "strike a nerve with a lot of people" when it comes to believing in psychics.

Peggy isn't a fan of psychics

McLaughlin isn't the only one on the show who isn't into psychics. Peggy Sulahian was certainly honest in her opinion of psychics and had no interest in Edmonds' psychic.

Faith and psychics don't go hand-in-hand. Devout Christians tend to live by words of the bible over what a stranger thinks they can predict about their future.

People on either side think they're right. Some just like the fun of hearing what a psychic has to say about their lives, and not view it as violating a religious belief. Depending on how one interprets the Bible, the concept is a bad thing or something you just don't take that seriously.

Part one of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12 reunion airs Monday, November 20 on Bravo at 9 PM, ET / 6 PM, PT.