It could go either way for "Dancing With the Stars" celebrity frontrunner Lindsey Stirling, according to On Sunday, October 29, the violinist suffered what the site called a painful injury to a rib during rehearsal. However, TV Guide speculates, that if she continues with the competition, her ability to rise above the excruciating injury may endear her to the judges and take her to the winning slot. At this point though, that "if" is looming quite large. It looks as though the injury could cause her to forfeit her place in the dance competition.

This crazy story of grit is, of course, coupled with her ridiculously amazing performance last week as the perfect robotic dance partner. A laboratory progeny of the mad scientist was portrayed by her partner, professional dancer and super fun ham, Mark Ballas.

Lindsey Stirling: a toppling DWTS giant?

With flawless execution and showmanship, Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas captured the spirit of old-school science fiction with the Argentine tango last week. While Ballas seemed to relish his opportunity to play the robotic Stirling's over-the-top creator, Stirling herself portrayed the self-aware robotic creation with elegance, passion, and heartbreaking angst. In an environment where dancers are often chided for any stiffness in their execution, Lindsey was able to mix a sharpness of form with a mercurial fluidity that cried out, "I am here…I am…alive!"

A woman in the audience mouthed to her companion, "That was the best one!" The judges agreed, and the pair earned a perfect score of "40" for their efforts.

Depending on how Stirling is handling her rib injury, however, that amazing performance could all be for nothing in the "Dancing With the Stars" Season 25 big picture.

Lindsey Stirling may forfeit DWTS competition

While practicing a taxing dance move with partner Mark Ballas, Stirling suffered a separation of the rib, called a costochondral separation.

This means that the rib and the cartilage that joins it to the sternum, or breastbone, become separated. This is reportedly a very painful injury and is compared to a dislocation. According to, this type of injury can take several weeks to heal.

If Stirling is unable to perform in tonight's "Dancing With the Stars" Halloween episode, she will have to forfeit her place in the competition, according to TMZ. However, if you are a fan, don't despair. Maksim Chmerkovsky's DWTS career survived his injury, so there is hope.