Since late October, two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey has been accused by several men of sexual harassment. The allegations include groping and sexual assault; some of these events having occurred several decades ago. After Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp came forward with allegations that Kevin Spacey made advances on him in 1986–when Rapp was only 14 years old–more men are coming forward with stories of Spacey's criminal behavior.

In the aftermath of these allegations, Sony Pictures has pulled the film "All The Money In The World" from the Afi Fest held in Los Angeles, CA., claiming that it would be inappropriate to celebrate at this difficult time.

The Ridley Scott directed film was slated to be the closing night movie on November 16.

Kevin Spacey 'All the Money in the World'

The movie is directed by Ridley Scott, already buzzing to be an oscar contender, where Kevin Spacey plays oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. Based in the 1973 events. Kidnappers demand $17 million from the billionaire in exchange for his grandson's release, but the billionaire declines the captors demands. In the movie, Michelle Williams plays J. Paul Getty III's devoted mother, who is desperately trying to convince her billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom. But after he declines, she enlists the help of Fletcher Chase, played by Mark Wahlberg; a former CIA operative.

'All the Money in the World' pulled from the festival

According to Tahra Grant, the senior vice president of corporate communications at Sony Pictures, told USA Today in a statement that "All The Money in The World" is not the work of one person, but of the other 800 writers, artists and the rest of the crew that was involved in the creation of this film.

AFI Fest issued a statement, sent by publicist Shari Mesulam, supporting the studio's decision: "We support Sony's decision to postpone the premiere." Despite these allegations and other studios cutting ties with the Oscar winner, the film's December 22 release date remains unchanged.

Other studios cutting ties

Netflix decided to end their contract with Spacey following the aftermath of the allegations.

As more men come out regarding the Oscar winner's misbehavior, leaving the very popular "House of Cards" in possible development hell. It seems to be a tricky time in Hollywood, especially after Harvey Weinstein's accusations and the brave victims speaking out. It will no longer be a Hollywood open secret.