It seems as if there is a game from our past having a resurgence of some sort everywhere we turn. Some are starting to appear on other platforms for the first time. Exclusivity is slowly becoming a thing for AAA games and new IP, exclusively. Whispered complaints about there being too many recycled games nowadays exist for reasons that are partially valid for only rabid consumers, but are there really? Is the video game market over-saturated with pretty versions of dated games?

An industry that pumps out first-person shooters like goodie bags at children's birthday parties is not monitoring saturation.

Console units are sitting in people's homes constantly running FPS online matches so developers consistently go with what works. Do you want to know what else worked? That "Mario Kart 8" Wii U port with all DLC included on the Nintendo Switch worked. That remaster of the original "Crash Bandicoot" trilogy sold 2.5 million units on PS4. "Mega Man Legacy Collection" is 6 NES roms in a file and I loved every minute of it.

Availability is key

A lot of gamers prefer to focus on the next thing and don’t want to look back but that doesn't negate the passion a large percentage of gamers have for franchises that defined their childhood. As far as business goes, it's nothing new. Classic films are fully restored and transferred to digital high definition quality and music is Remastered all the time.

No one seems to have a problem with other forms of media doing the same. It's up to the consumer to filter all these options and enjoy the entertainment they want to enjoy.

Stunting the development of new and innovative gaming experiences would be a valid complaint about remasters and Ports but that's not necessarily the case.

There are still plenty of fresh, unique games becoming available at a rapid pace, especially in the last few years. There's nothing wrong with revamping throwbacks to give them new life for those who are familiar with the original and for younger gamers to be introduced to the gems they might have missed out on. Teaching the kids of today what games were like before them, can only be a good thing.

Ports and remasters make it easier to get hold of these older games with a far more digestible look and control to them.

Old fun for a new day

Amazing games that were aesthetically limited because of the era in technology in which they were made are finally getting the proper treatment and makeover they deserve. Ten years from now, graphical leaps will appear much more minuscule as graphics reach refinement no longer distinguishable to the human eye. Remasters will not be much of an upgrade from its source material so they will barely possess any importance if they even exist. The inclusion of all of the game's downloadable content is irrelevant if the game is essentially the same and since DLC can be downloaded manually already.

As far as ports go, no one loses when a game is available on multiple platforms. With the growing use of cross-platform online play, games being ported to consoles manufactured by other companies should be especially exciting and celebrated as the boundaries of enjoying multiplayer gaming with friends anywhere, not exactly disappear, but loosen up a healthy amount.

A world where gamers can play all their favorite classics in full HD resolution from any console is a beautiful world that dedicated gamers deserve to live in. Similarly, every game deserves to look and feel beautiful. However, if re-releases are not something people view as a positive thing, they can have their voices heard by voting with their wallets. We know you want that "Spyro The Dragon HD" remaster though, let's be honest.