Singer Jennifer Hudson and fiancé David Otunga have split after being in a 10-year relationship and having an 8-year-old son. The separation has become a very bitter one with each accusing the other of some very unkind things.

It was confirmed on Thursday that the couple has been in the process of ending their longtime relationship for several months. The 36-year-old singer now has a protective order against her 37-year-old fiancé because she believes it is in the best interest of herself and their son. Jennifer said she and David recently had a confrontation at their house in front of their son.

When she told the child to go upstairs, his father grabbed him with one hand and pushed her with the other hand.

"The Voice" coach says Otunga owns a gun and he used it to taunt her. She is very sensitive about guns because several family members were killed by guns. She included in her protective order that she doesn't want Otunga to have a gun in his possession around her and their son.

Order of protection

According to the protection order that Hudson filed, she and Otunga have been feuding since April 2017. They continued to live together in the same house, but in separate bedrooms for the last six months. Hudson accused Otunga of being aggressive and threatening toward both her and their son, and the abuse has reached the breaking point.

The order of protection gives Hudson exclusive ownership of their home, and Otunga has been ordered to stay away from her and their son. The petition gives her sole responsibility for making all major decisions for their son at this time. Otunga denies all the allegations stated in Hudson's petition. He believes he is the one who will get custody of their child, because he has been the primary caregiver, and because the Grammy winner has not been as available because of her hectic schedule and constant traveling.

Otunga's accusation

Otunga's attorney, Tracy M. Rizzo, said Otunga is willing to negotiate parenting arrangements. The lawyer disputes the claim that Otunga has abused or harassed Hudson or their son. Rizzo further indicated that the former professional wrestler was unaware of the order of protection until he was removed by the local police from the house in the presence of the child.

The attorney says Hudson is spreading false allegations against the child's father.

A court date is set for December 7, but the father wants the date moved to November 21, 2017 so he can spend Thanksgiving Day with his son.