Viewers who are bored stiff with routine offerings of remakes and blockbusters can heave a sigh of relief that at times a film like “Good Time” does come along. This film by the Safdie Brothers breaks the monotony and tries to win over the audience with a different type of story that can leave a lasting impression.

It is a crime drama and the story takes a new look at the criminal underworld of New York. There is a certain amount of violence depicted in the movie which is to be expected, but it has set the pace for a new breed of gangster movies.

The storyline has variety

Sky News reports that the storyline of “Good Time,” by the Safdie Brothers, is full of surprises. Robert Pattinson takes on the role of a common criminal named Connie Nikas. He is the main character in the film whose developmentally disabled brother Nick gets arrested during a bank heist that had been planned by Connie. The role of Nick is played by Benny Safdie, and he makes the character come to life with his powerful acting abilities.

The reviews of the film were favorable, and it was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes this year. The storytelling stands out for its frankness because it is all about calling a spade a spade. It is blunt and keeps the viewer wanting more.

There are sensitive scenes in the film related to relationships, but these are brief and appear to be natural reactions.

How will it fare

The Safdie Brothers are newcomers to the film industry, and Josh Safdie is one of the directors of this movie. He has admitted to a section of the media that at one point in time he had nursed a desire to become a gangster.

He and his brother Bennie have pooled their resources and handled all aspects of the movie to make it an extraordinary one that the audiences will love. There is always a ready market for variety, and a film that deals with the criminal underworld will have takers. The best example is probably the 1972 film “Godfather,” which brings the world of gangsters to life.

The theme was handled to perfection, and it went on to bag the best picture award in 1973.

Good Time” brings to mind the movie “Goodfellas” of 1990, which also was a gangster movie. It was made by Martin Scorsese, and at that time, it was hailed as a trendsetter. “Good Time” wants to keep the ball rolling. While some criminals inhabit the lower rungs of society, there are a few who belong to the upper crust. A film that takes a peek into this unique world of high and low is bound to succeed.