Barron Trump, President Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s 11-year old son has unwittingly become a fashion trendsetter as he relocated to the White House from Trump Towers in New York. Barron, the youngest of Trump’s kids had kept a low profile like his mother since his father was sworn in as the President of the United States.

For the first six months, Barron was residing at the Trump Tower in New York to finish his school year at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, which located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Barron is Trump’s fifth child with his third wife and current first lady Melania.

‘The Expert’ trendsetter

While moving base from New York to Washington D.C. Barron was seen wearing J.Crew’s The Expert t-shirt and playing with a fidget spinner. The t-shirt was sold out on retailer J. Crew's website long before Barron was spotted wearing it. However, a new craze has started among Americans who are now trying to channel the 11-year-old’s look and are looking everywhere for “The Expert” t-shirt.

Picking up on the growing interest surrounding the $29.50 J. Crew t-shirt, other websites tried their best to get some stock. Unfortunately, the clothing cannot be curated right now and many websites started to list t-shirts bearing the same tagline, but in a different style. Other than people trying to get hands on “The Expert” t-shirt, Twitter was flooded with memes of Barron.

University professor labels Barron a ‘jerk’ for wearing ‘The Expert’ t-shirt

While Barron Trump started a trend online with the t-shirt, he was also criticized by some for wearing the same. Jodie Beggs, a Boston-based behavioral economist mocked the 11-year-old for wearing the t-shirt. Beggs faced backlash from the Twitterati and Trump fans for picking on a kid.

On Monday, June 12, Beggs wrote on Twitter that she “threw up a little” in her mouth when she saw Barron wearing said tee as he climbed down the Marine One helicopter. Beggs, who claims to have worked with North-eastern University, was not apologetic of her tweet even after she faced criticism from others.

She went on to write that the t-shirt made the 11-year-old “look like the Potus.

It remains to be seen if the 11-year-old also becomes a fashion favorite like Malia and Sasha Obama.

Whether the expert-style t-shirts from other retailers catch on with Americans remains to be seen. Till then, the retailers can only hope to cash in on the craze.