General Hospital” fans can finally rest easy now that Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have come face to face. It feels like forever since news of his return broke this past summer. Five long years went by while he galavanted on “The Young and the Restless” and now, Port Charles is his home once again. While no one is sure who the real Jason Morgan is (only speculation so far), they are excited that Burton's version has finally been seen.

Sonny believes patient six

For now, fans are still referring to Steve Burton as patient six.

It is the only way to differentiate the two characters for now. According to “General Hospital” soap spoilers, Sonny will believe what patient six tells him when they speak. At least he is sure enough to investigate a bit further on his own, even if he doesn't believe wholeheartedly right now. As the launch party for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) approaches, Sonny decides to keep this encounter a secret. Of course, Dr. Klein's (Gene Farber) associates know patient six is in town, and they will bring trouble to the launch party because they assume he will show up there.

Carly (Laura Wright) will be taken hostage alongside Sam when two of Klein's thugs hit up the launch party. The two women will be thought of as targets because of their husbands, but that is only partially true.

Carly is only a target because they know of her deep connection to Jason and when she sees patient six, she is going to know it is him. The launch party wasn't supposed to be so high-profile and now, it is going to be filled with guns and chaos. “General Hospital” spoilers are also indicating that Carly will be asking a lot of questions next week.

As this begins November sweeps, there is going to be plenty more action in store for "General Hospital" fans.

Andre is connected somehow

This week, “General Hospital” fans learned that Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is connected to the two Jason storyline. He is in cahoots with Dr. Klein, which has everyone baffled. He was close with Anna (Finola Hughes), but things never went any further.

Was Andre a plant in Port Charles the entire time so he could monitor Billy Miller's Jason? There is going to be a huge reveal and if it is going to take nine months like originally stated, everyone in Port Charles is going to be on edge.

The "General Hospital" writers have done a good job with getting things going. Fans are speculating all over about social media about the two Jasons and Andre's involvement.