One of the most popular theories among "Game of Thrones" fans is the one about Bran Stark and the Night King being one and the same. Now, whether you believe it or not, you must admit that there is some strong connection between the two.

We don't know who originally came up with this wild theory, but it definitely came to surface after season six's "hold the door" episode. Apart from being the best episode ever, it also introduced a new spectrum of theories thanks to that devastating Hodor reveal. And that's how "Bran=NK" theory was born. Now, let's sum it up.

Bran is the Night King: Everything you need to know

According to this theory, Bran actually warged into the man tied to the tree just before the Children of the Forest shoved a piece of dragonglass into the man's chest, turning him into the Night King. But why would he do that? Well, the theory explains that at some point during the Great War, Bran will find out there is no other way to defeat the Army of the Dead so he would have to go back in time when their leader was just a man, warg into him, and become who we now know as the Night King.

And while it's definitely possible, given the fact that Bran did something similar to Hodor, there is no a single piece of concrete evidence that supports this claim.

Yes, there are some physical similarities between Bran and the Night King, but apart from that, nothing. But there is an alternative theory. Let's discuss.

The alternative theory

"Game of Thrones" Season 6 Episode 5 featured yet another important scene in which the Night King marked Bran. As a result, the Three-eyed Raven's cave magic was broken, and the White Walkers were able to come in, killing everyone in the process except Bran and Meera, who managed to escape with Hodor's help.

Since then, many fans believed that this mark would allow the Army of the Dead to cross the Wall once Bran does. That didn't happen since the Night King acquired a dragon, so we are left to wonder will Bran's mark come into play ever again?

Well, we do have a theory. When talking about the marks on one's arm, who comes to mind?

None other than Ser Jorah Mormont, who contracted greyscale when he was touched by one of the Stone Men. He was on his way to completely turn into stone if it wasn't for Samwell Tarly and his bravery. Now, let's draw a parallel with Bran. He was touched by the Night King, so it stands the reason to believe that this mark will spread all over his body, turning him into a fully-fledged White Walker.

So do we believe that Bran is the Night King? No, we don't. But, according to our theory, he could very well become one.