derick dillard has found himself in a world of trouble with TLC. He has officially been booted from “Counting On,” leaving their little family without income. Dillard rebooted his GoFundMe account, which hasn't gone over well with viewers. All of this stems from his tweets about transgender teen, Jaz Jennings. TLC decided to cut ties with Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar, which means they will no longer be filmed with the Duggar Family. This is very reminiscent of the Josh Duggar scandal in 2015.

The show must go on

Counting On” is going to continue without Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar.

The Duggar family is a spectacle, and the ratings are gold for TLC. The network is covering itself so that advertisers won't pull out like they threatened to do with Josh Duggar. Not only could this scandal have cost the family their income, it could have ruined reality television for them in general. The controversy surrounding the family is heavy, and the interest in their life is high. “Counting On” is going to continue as of now, but with all of the drama, TLC may cut their losses while they are ahead.

TLC made a statement about the severed ties a few days ago. Fans have been questioning why the couple hasn't been seen on “Counting On,” and the answer was given. Derick Dillard made several comments against Jazz Jennings, but he also dissed the network.

He bit the hand that fed him and his family, and now, there is no turning back. Jill Duggar will likely never get a job so it is up to her husband to find employment.

The blame game

Who is at fault for what happened with Derick Dillard and “Counting On?” At this point, the Duggar family is reportedly upset. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the Duggars are beside themselves because of the position Dillard has put them in.

While they agree with his beliefs, the way he expressed them was not okay. They are very careful with how they say and do things, especially after what happened with Josh Duggar in 2015. Anna Duggar was able to forgive her husband and the family came out with another show, but this could have turned out much differently. Another scandal could have caused complete disaster including another cancellation and the family losing a lot of money.

Social media has caused a lot of grief for the Duggar family. Derick Dillard didn't quit while he was ahead and now, he lost his job. Critics are all over him and the GoFundMe account. Dillard won't be able to walk away from this scandal unscathed, especially because of how it all went down.