"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Sami Brady has changed her mind about exhuming her son Will Horton's body. Sami needs to know once and for all if her son is really dead, or if there is a chance that he is alive somewhere. The most obvious way to get that answer is to see who, or what is currently lying in Will's casket six feet under the ground. Sami will enlist the help of her ex-husband, Rafe Hernandez, to exhume the body, and what they find will be surprising.

Will's body is exhumed

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, when Sami and Rafe exhume Will's body they will be shocked.

It will not be Will's body that is buried in his casket, and Sami will then again have hope that her son is alive. While the news of the exhumation sinks in, it looks like Will's death will be a topic of conversation for another Salem pair. Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita will bring some major drama of their own.

Paul comes clean

As many "Days Of Our Lives" viewers know, Paul has already spotted Will in Memphis, and he is the only one who knows that he's actually still alive. Although Paul had every intention of telling Will's family what he saw, something stopped him. The fear of losing Sonny forever was enough for Paul to keep his Will sighting a secret from everyone, but the whole thing is about to backfire.

When Sonny is finally released from the hospital he'll have come to the realization that Will is dead, and that the trip to Memphis had been a wild goose chase. Sonny will then re-propose to Paul, but things will take a dramatic turn from there.

Sami and Sonny reunite with Will

Paul will tell Sonny that he can not marry him.

Sonny will likely be shocked, but Paul knows he has to come clean about Will. When Paul tells Sonny that he saw Will in Memphis everything will change. Sami and Sonny will reunite with their beloved Will, but he won't be the same person they remember. It's been two years since they've seen him, and things have changed drastically for him.

"Days of our Lives" theories reveal that Susan may have had Will brainwashed to believe that he is her son, EJ DiMera. Will will be very confused when he hears Sonny and Sami's story about his "death," and he'll likely be torn between them and Susan, who will try to get her fake son to run away with her. However, it doesn't seem that Sami or Sonny will let Will go so easily, and they'll refuse to lose him again.

Will's story is far from over

The whole story is sure to come out as soon as everyone finds out that Will Horton is still alive. However, it could be a long time before viewers see Will's personality and memories fully return to him, which could lead to a lot of chaos for his loved ones. Tune in to NBC weekday afternoons to see all the drama go down on "Days of our Lives."