Rarely do shows live long enough to celebrate their 300th episode as this great show did. The crew expressed their pride and gratitude for being part of such a successful story. The show made the fans cry so many times, it could be argued that it has really become a part of their lives and that they feel all the happiness and sorrow their favorite characters go through. There have been many deaths on the show, but many great moments too, and it all adds up to the great success the show has lived to enjoy. The amazing 300th episode named ''Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,'' reminded the fans and the cast of some of the characters who were there at the beginning and without whom the show wouldn’t be the same.

Will Meredith win the Harper Avery?

The episode starts with Meredith and Alex riding on a ferry boat, Meredith looking into the distance while Alex waits for her on a bench. “Was he happy for you?” he asks. “No, he was jealous,” she answers with just a hint of a smile. Fans immediately know she’s talking about Derek as the scene is taking place on a ferry, and we know how much her late husband Derek loved ferry boats. It’s like Meredith’s spiritual moment in which she dreamed away for a moment to talk to Derek and share the news.The jealousy part refers to her being nominated for the Harper Avery award for surgical innovation, and Meredith jokes about it because there was always some sort of healthy competition between the two of them.

The episode continues with Amelia walking into Owen’s house to take some things she forgot and she ran into Owen and Carina sharing a romantic moment. They act as adults and pretend it’s not awkward. Miranda is mad at Ben because she found out about his firefighting aspirations. Arizona is excited and nervous as she’s waiting for her daughter Sophia to come home to Seattle.

We get to see DeLuca and the intern Sam in some hot situations, and we get to learn they were lovers in the past. From what they say, we realize their past relationship was somewhat toxic.

Save me like I’m your friend

The real drama starts when there’s a mass injury influx because of a roller coaster car that derails at a local fair.

Meredith is supposed to leave on a jet plane for the Harper Avery Awards, but she opts to stay. The drama includes three second-year residents who look and act exactly like our beloved George, Cristina, and Izzie. It’s easy to see how moved all the doctors were and how many memories were triggered by the familiar faces.

The most sentimental moment could be the one when the patient who’s a dead ringer for Cristina tells Meredith to save her like she’s her friend. This type of a positive manipulation is some serious Cristina-level behavior. All the surgeries are a success and the episode was a real surgical drama the fans love so much.

Throughout the episode, we are reminded of all the other characters who were an important part of the show and are no longer there: Lexie, Mark, Elis Grey, Callie etc.

Another touching moment is the one when Jo suggests Alex call Izzie if he’s interested in how she is, but he refuses, explaining what a perfect life he imagines she’s having and that he doesn’t want that image to be ruined by a call. Derek in a way saves a patient’s life because a patient’s situation incredibly reminds us of the one that led to Derek’s death, and it prompts Amelia to act and save a life.

Elis is finally proud

The end of the episode brings a well-deserved Harper Avery award to Meredith, with Jackson accepting it on her behalf and the whole OR watching a live coverage. The entire OR applauds, and as Meredith looks up into the gallery she sees her mother standing there, applauding her alongside everyone else. All Meredith has ever wanted was to make Ellis proud and now she has. Meredith exhales and cracks a smile. The fans couldn’t have asked for a better episode to celebrate such a milestone.