"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Will Horton will soon learn the truth about his past. Currently, Will is living in Memphis after being brought back to life and brainwashed to believe that he is EJ DiMera, and that Susan Banks is his mother. However, his real mother, Sami Brady, and his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, have finally found him and told him the truth about himself. Sadly, Will does not remember them, and he only believes what Susan has told him, but there is one person who will shockingly tell Will the whole truth.

Roger comes clean

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Will will finally hear the truth, and it will be from an unlikely source. "DOOL" news reports that Susan's boyfriend, Roger a.k.a. Elvis, will come clean to Will about his real life and how he was made to believe that he was EJ DiMera. Will will likely be stunned by the revelation that he is not EJ, but someone else entirely different, and that he had a whole life that he can't remember at all. This will come as a shock and Will will try hard to remember his old life, but it will be hard for him.

Sami has Will's murder recreated

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers report that Sami Brady will stop at nothing to help Will get his memory back, and she may cross the line in doing so.

In a newly released November preview for "DOOL," Sami is seen forcing Will's killer, Ben Weston, to help her in her scheme. Sami will make Ben recreate the night that Will was killed. Will will return to the apartment where he lost his life and Ben will be there waiting for him. The same eerie neon light will be flashing, and Ben will have his signature necktie, the one he used to strangle Will to death.

It's possible the shock and fear from the night will come rushing back to Will and open up the floodgate that is keeping all of his memories suppressed. However, Sami is playing a dangerous game, and it could backfire if Will's mind is too fragile to handle the rush of memories.

Arianna to trigger Will's memories?

Another person who may be able to help Will regain his memory is his young daughter, Arianna.

Will hasn't seen Ari for two years, but his daughter's sweet little face and reaction to seeing her father again should at least trigger some sort of emotional response or at the very least a familiar feeling. As for Roger, the person who finally came clean to Will, it's unclear about what will happen to him. Will he skip town, or could Susan, or one of the DiMera bad guys like Kristen, take him out of the picture? Tune in to "Days of our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out how it all plays out.