In this week's episode of 'Outlander,' "Creme de Menthe" fans found out the secret Jamie has been keeping from Claire. It's a big one! Jamie has a second wife that he seems desperate to keep Claire from finding out about and is silencing anyone who brings up this little, or not so little, detail about his life.

Another wife

During episode 6, where Claire and Jamie finally reunited, it was hinted at that Jamie is not being totally truthful with Claire about things going on in his life. Throughout the episode when Jamie introduced Claire as his wife he repeatedly met with odd looks or questions.

Jamie, of course, shut down any questioning right away before Claire ould take any notice.

Episode 7 allows the audience to get a little more information about what exactly Jamie has been hiding. When Ian Murray comes to Jamie looking for his son, the younger Ian, he meets Claire again. Ian, of course, is confused by the situation and when Jamie walks him out makes a comment about how well Claire must have taken the news. Jamie, of course, tells him that he has not said anything yet.

In the last few minutes of the episode, as Claire looks after young Ian who had been pulled out of the fire, Jamie huddles to the side with Fergus and Mr. Willoughby to discuss payments and plans for taking young Ian back to Lallybroch.

After Jamie settles the payments and Mr. Willoughby leaves he then instructs Fergus to find the man who raided his shop and to tell Ned Gowan to send news to Lallybroch. Fergus is concerned about Jamie taking Claire to Lallybroch to which Jamie assures him it will be fine. Fergus finally makes it clear for viewers what exactly Jamie is attempting to hide by questioningly stating that Claire does not yet know about his other wife.

Jamie assures him again that all will be well and that he will tell Claire everything once they are safe.

Even to the last second, Jamie is determined to keep his secret from Claire for as long as he can.To be fair Claire did just drop back into his life after 20 years without warning. However, it does not seems like Jamie is going to be able to keep his secret for much longer.

The other woman

Who is Jamie's other wife? That has yet to be revealed to viewers of the show, but fans of the book may have an idea. As long as the writers of the show have stayed with the plot line from Diana Gabaldon's third book Voyager, which is the book that season 3 is based on, then Jamie's second wife is someone that we have met before. She is none other than Laoghaire Mackenzie.

Fans met Laoghaire during season 1 as a teenager with a crush on Jamie. She is also remembered as the girl who put an ill-wish under Jaime and Claire's bed, tried to seduce Jamie after he was married, and testifying that Claire is a witch during the witch trial that almost got Claire killed. It can be imagined that when Claire does find out, she is not going to be happy with Jaime, especially because of who the other woman is.

It can be expected that Laoghaire may not react well to Claire's return either. How do you think Jamie is going to handle this situation he's got himself into? It does not seem like we will have to wait long to find though as Jaime and Claire are returning to Lallybroch in the next episode.