Catelynn Lowell decided to stay with Tyler Baltierra through their decision to give up their daughter for adoption when they were just teenagers. While many of their "Teen Mom OG" co-stars broke up with their boyfriends after the births, Catelynn and Tyler have proven that couples can stay together. They have been together since they were just teenagers and they have been through quite a bit together. While many "Teen Mom OG" viewers may have thought that they would break up, it sounds like they were able to make it work. Now, they have revealed that they are settling down in Michigan.

According to a new tweet, Catelynn Lowell is now revealing that the home she and Tyler bought while filming "Teen Mom OG" last season is their dream home. They drove past it when they learned about the listing and they have been very excited about their purchase. The home was classic, traditional and it allowed them to stay close to friends and family in Michigan.

Purchased the home quickly

When Tyler saw the home, he knew he wanted to get the home for them. He called the realtor and revealed he was ready to put an offer in on the house. The realtor asked if he wanted to put an offer in on the home without seeing it and he felt comfortable doing so. On Instagram, they revealed that they did go through with the home and they are currently renovating it so they can move into the place soon.

On Twitter, Catelynn Lowell revealed that they are loving their place in the country. When asked if they are planning on staying there forever, Catelynn revealed that this is indeed their forever home and they are not planning on leaving. For a brief moment, the couple considered whether Michigan was indeed the state for them, but it sounds like they may feel odd living anywhere else.

Not leaving for Los Angeles

While filming "Teen Mom OG," Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler considered whether they should move to Los Angeles. Apparently, Tyler felt that he would be able to get some work in the creative field out there as he wanted to build on his MTV career. However, after learning how much it would cost to live in Los Angeles, they decided to stay back in Michigan.

In their home state, they are able to get their dream home within their budget and renovate it as they see fit.

What do you think about Catelynn Lowell's tweet about this new home being their forever home? Do you think they will showcase their new home on upcoming seasons of "Teen Mom OG?"