Many people who follow “Alaskan Bush People” star rain brown on Instagram have been asking themselves whether or not she is dating anyone. The reason why these fans are asking this question is because Brown recently posted a very romantic caption on Instagram that has everyone speculating. Part of the caption read “call me crazy but I believe in love.”

What has the family been up to?

In case you didn’t know, Brown has been dealing with depression for quite a while now. The 14-year-old spoke to Radar Online and said that she is "hurting inside” since her mother Ami Brown has to go through yet another round of chemotherapy.

Rain's mother, Ami Brown, was unfortunately diagnosed with lung cancer earlier in the year. Ami Brown recently spoke to People magazine to talk about her battle with lung cancer and the fact that she only has a three percent chance of survival. What she had to say about the entire grueling process is “I have the will to fight.” She then further elaborated saying “Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope, and that hope is having faith in God.”

As you can see from above, the mother of the Brown family isn’t giving up without a fight, and she has the complete support of her entire family. We know this because Rain Brown posted an Instagram message dedicated to her mother and the day that they spent together.

Controversies surrounding the family

Even though Ami Brown has the support of her family, many fans have still been annoyed by her husband, Billy Brown. The reason these fans were annoyed at Billy Brown was because he still is smoking even though his wife has a three percent chance of surviving lung cancer. Fans are aware of this as when Billy was bringing Ami out of the hospital, he was spotted with a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket.

The Brown family again faced controversy for buying a $2.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills that is very close to where Ami Brown is getting treatment for her lung cancer. The mansion has five bedrooms and a jacuzzi, but the most jaw-dropping feature is what is in the backyard of the house.

In the backyard of the house, there is a spotless in-ground swimming pool, and right behind it is a hot tub surrounded by all kinds of beautiful flowers and decorations. It is also worth mentioning that filming for the eighth season of the show has already been rumored to be underway — even though an eighth season hasn’t even been announced yet.