Dina Mergeron is an interesting and complex character on "The Young and the Restless." The range of acting skills of her portrayer Marla Adams is quite amazing. This woman can be loving and kind one moment and a grand dame ice princess the next. She is sharp as a tac in the boardroom, but also wakes up at night in bed disoriented. Fans are hoping new head writer Mal Young will keep this character vibrant and relevant in Geno City. Dina can be brutally honest even to causing hard feelings one moment and expressing a fragile vulnerability the next.

This is especially true when Mrs. Victor Newman is around.

Dina is running amuck without Graham

The first sign that something was wrong with Ms. Mergeron was the night of Nikki's concert. When she found out that Graham was not on hand Dina became confused and thought she had been left alone. Mr. Bloodworth had always stuck to her like glue and she seemed frantic without him. One night she woke up screaming his name and seeming very frightened, but that version of Dina does not last long. Jack and Ashley rescued her from Graham in Florida and brought their mother back to Genoa City, where things have been intense ever since.

Dina walked away from the Abbott home when Jack was not looking and unwittingly caused the fire that burned down Nick Newman's club The Underground.

She waltzed right back through the front door and went upstairs and her son never even missed her. She has been sparring with Nikki for quite some time, expressing that she does not want this woman to date her son. On Friday things heated up between the two women and Ms. Mergeron really got out of hand and committed a crime.

Nikki pushed Ms. Mergeron to the breaking point

Earlier in the day, Abby caught her grandmother stealing sugar packets from a restaurant, and later when no one was looking she put the silverware in her purse. That night at Top of the Towers, Crystal announced that Zack was using the Newman dating app as a front for prostitution.

Nikki overheard Jack's mom making a snide comment about her family and began arguing with her. As she often does, Dina mentioned Mrs. Newman's past as a stripper, making comments about lap dances and poles.

This time Nikki was so enraged that she referred to Dina as an old lady and told her to shut up. Ms. Mergeron reached into her purse and pulled out one of the stolen items and stabbed Victor's wife in the arm. As Nikki was screaming in pain, Dina made her getaway before anyone realized what had transpired.She is now on the loose in Genoa City and there is no telling what will happen next, so stay tuned.