For over 43 years, "The Young and the Restless" has been delighting fans worldwide. From the first day the show aired, it captured audiences with its salacious and sometimes outrageous storylines. Since then, the hit daytime soap opera has garnered legions of loyal, die-hard fans. It's amazing how TY&R still manages to keep us glued to our screens every day. You would think, with a loyal fanbase like this, fans would know every single detail about "The Young and The Restless." Well, you'd be astonished to know just how uneducated fans truly are when it comes to their favorite show.

That's why, today, I'm going to enlighten you on five facts only the biggest fans know about "The Young and The Restless."

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5) Did real-life siblings actually play a married couple on the show?

Yes, I know what you're thinking. This came as a shock to me too. Luckily, it wasn't like that. Let me explain. Heather and David Tom are real-life siblings. Heather Maria Tom, actually played Victorica Newman between 1990 to 2003. Later the role went to various actresses, with Amelia Heinle eventually landing the permanent role. Meanwhile, her younger brother, David Tom, got the part of Billy Abbott from 1994-2014. It was only after Heather Tom left the show, back in 2003, that Billy and Victorica became an item.

Yeah, that was a close one.

4) Is it true the actress who played Katherine Chancellor actually had a real facelift on the show?

Apparently, the answer to this one is also, yes. It was back in 1985, and Jeanne Cooper (who played Katherine Chancellor) was going under the knife. The creators of the show realized that Jeanne had a real connection with the audience.

They couldn't find any other females to fill her role until she returned. She brought something special to the role. So special in fact, that the show's producers decided to write the plastic surgery procedure and the recovery into her character, Katherine Chancellor. This was very groundbreaking television at the time.

3) Does one of the Young and The Restless stars still work as a Flight Attendant?

The role of Katherine Chancellor must not have been paying a lot. I say this because, Kate Linder, who plays Esther Valentine, is also a registered flight attendant. Linder got the role of Katherine's maid, Esther, way back in 1982. At first, the role wasn't permanent, but as the show developed so did Esther's character. All the while, Linder was pursuing a career in the Airline industry. She got the job and also became a permanent cast member back in 1985. She still manages to juggle both careers extremely well.

2) Did the actress Sharon Case hate marrying Victor Newman?

Do you remember the time Sharon Newman shacked up with her the father-in-law, Victor Newman?

You should remember because it was one of the most revolting episodes in "The Young and The Restless history". Fans from all over the world made their disdain known over the fact that these two acted like father and daughter. Then in the next few episodes doing the dirty, ugh, it was just gross. Worst episode ever! Well, it appears that fans weren't the only ones upset by this union. Sharon Case, the actress who plays Sharon Newman, also hated those episodes. She told one reporter once that, "she was not happy with the love story and thought it to be borderline incestuous."

1) Was 'The Innocent Years' the original name for the show?

Can you imagine The Young and The Restless was actually going to be called "The Innocent Years?" YR is anything but innocent.

In the beginning, the show The Young and the Restless was created under the working title, "The Innocent Years." However, the creators quickly realized that audiences, back in the 70s, weren't interested in watching "innocent" shows. They went back to the drawing board and tried to examine the current culture at the time. They saw the young generation were wild, free and anxious. The creators decided to name the newly formed show, The Young and The Restless. It totally reflected the 70's restless culture.

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