Google released their latest flagship devices last week – the PIXEL 2 and Pixel 2 XL -- and the smartphones have been under scrutiny ever since, just like any newly released devices. However, this time it’s different for the Google devices, due to the fact that several problems with the devices have been emerging, such as dull colors relating to the screen, grainy images, and some distortion in low-light. Unfortunately, the Issues with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have not let up and new ones are surfacing around the internet -- so much so that some reports indicate that a recall is highly possible.

New problems with the latest Pixel devices

According to a report by Android Authority, there are new hardware issues that have been discovered with the new Google smartphones. There have been reports that the Pixel 2 has been producing high-pitched noises and some clicking sounds when the device is near a person’s ear. A Google staff member already acknowledged the problem and claims that a patch will arrive sometime next week to resolve it.

Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 XL is having problems of its own. There have been reports that the top and bottom speakers don’t produce the same level of sound, with the bottom speaker being 10 dB louder than the top speaker. However, the report said that this was intentionally done by Google to prevent the top speaker from vibrating too much.

In addition, a few Pixel 2 XL devices also suffer from “black smear” problems when scrolling up or down.

A spokesperson for Google said in a statement, “We take all reports of issues very seriously, and our engineers investigate quickly.” He added, “We will provide updates as soon as we have conclusive data,” according to Android Authority.

Google might recall the new Pixel devices, reports say

According to a report by The Inquirer, some of the problems facing the new Pixel devices cannot be fixed with a simple software patch, like the reported issues of the screen with “burn-in,” and that a recall is highly possible. A screen “burn-in” is a state where an image lingers on the screen for an extended period of time, much like on CRT televisions back in the day.

In this case, the navigation buttons of the Pixel devices tend to burn-in on the OLED screen after just one week of use.

It’s worth mentioning that Google has not yet officially announced a recall of the devices as of this writing. Is your new Google device suffering from the same problems? Let us know in the comments below.