Do you feel like no one really knows who you are, not even those closest to you? Have you ever had your privacy invaded and felt exposed? Have you ever fallen in love? If you can relate to any of those things, then you will love this film.

You do not have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to enjoy this film

"Love, Simon" is a coming out and coming of age story. The movie covers everything from friends and family to love. When you watch this movie you will feel for Simon on his journey to find someone he connects with. This film gives people who are not in the lgbtq community better insight into the issues they face and those in the community much-needed representation.

The film does an amazing job of showing what it's like to be a teen in 2018; ordering iced coffees every day, late night runs to the waffle house, and teens roaming the halls with their faces buried in cell phones. But does this movie accurately show what it's like to be a gay teen in 2018? While we have progressed significantly over time the LGBTQ community is still far from being fully accepted in society.

Coming out

After being blackmailed the main character faces a traumatic outing and it only gets worse from there. While the main character has very understanding and supportive friends and family it is still a struggle. I think what is important to note about his situation with those closest to him is that they are never upset that he is gay.

His friends are hurt by his extreme actions, lies, and manipulation. His family is troubled by the fact that their son felt the need to hide who he was for such a long time.

While everyone's family and friends are different the movie wants to send the message that those closest to you want you to be happy and you're only hurting yourself by hiding who you are.

That being said, the film showcases why someone would be tempted to hide.

There are two characters that consistently harass a classmate who is out, and after Simon was exposed they make a crude scene shaming the gay lifestyle in front of the entire school. This moment is a minuscule representation of what people in the community go through in real life.

That being said, the speech given by a teacher following the incident is worth a round of applause. This moment goes to show that for every person out there who tears you down there will be someone to lift you up. In fact, after Simon finally owns his identity and takes charge of who he is, a large group of people start to support him as they find his honesty and bravery inspiring.

This film is certainly worth a trip to the movie theater.