Taylor Swift transformed into a sci-fi character for the official music video of her single, "...Ready for It?", off her new album, "Reputation," which will be launched on November 10. The singer-songwriter collaborated with Joseph Kahn for the mini-movie.

She has previously worked with film a music video editor for her tracks, "Blank Space," "Bad Blood," "Wildest Dreams," "Out of the Woods," and "Look What You Made Me Do." The latest music video featured a fierce-looking Taylor Swift and a clone version of her.

Taylor Swift wows fans with new music video

According to E! News, the "...Ready for It" music video was inspired by "Blade Runner 2049" and "Ghost in the Shell." The clip has earned about 500,000 views in less than 30 minutes. Many fans were stunned by Taylor Swift's transformation, while others suggested turning the music video into a full movie.

"I need this to be a movie, 3 minutes was too short!" a comment read. Another fan said, "Wow! It's just like "Ghost in the Shell," "Terminator," and "Ex Machina," but with Taylor Swift."

The release of the new music video has fueled fan excitement for Taylor Swift's sixth studio album. Since she announced her comeback in August, the singer-songwriter has already released three tracks from the highly-anticipated album.

'Reputation' to be released on Nov. 20

The 10-time Grammy winner even had to wipe out all her social media posts as part of her comeback preparation. On August 24, she dropped, "Look What You Made Me Do," as the lead single for her upcoming studio album. A few days later, Taylor Swift released, "...Ready for It?" as a promotional single followed by, "Gorgeous" on October 20.

"Reputation" will be her first album release since "1989" in 2014. It is believed that the female artist has co-written most of the songs in her new album. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez was given the privilege of listening to the entire album before it is unveiled to the public in November.

The "Fetish" singer said her friend's dedication and passion for her craft is "so inspiring" and has made her realize that it would be nice to be surrounded by people like her.

Selena Gomez even considered herself "a major fan" of Taylor Swift and her music. "I obviously love her so much and want her to do what she does and she's killing it," she added.

Selena Gomez is also gearing up to release a new album although she said that she is doing it at her own pace to make time for herself, especially after she had undergone a kidney transplant just a few months ago.