During his presidency, Donald Trump has been attacked by the media left and right. However, the president usually feels safe whenever he is talking to Fox News. His latest interview for the cable news channel is with Lou Dobbs for Lou Dobbs Tonight. But rather than ask the president hard-hitting questions, Dobbs showered Trump with much praise. Of course, this interview didn't go unnoticed by Stephen Colbert, who has been hitting Trump on a daily basis during his late night talk show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Dobbs tells Trump he appreciates what he is doing

Colbert started out his nightly monologue pointing out that Trump has already given Fox News an interview 19 times by now. He then talked about Trump's latest Fox News interview with Lou Dobbs, where he showed a few clips from that very interview. These clips show the Fox Business host showering Trump with much praise. He told the president that he "accomplished more in terms of job creation," and that he "accomplished so much in nine months." And during the interview, Dobbs also told Trump that he is "everything as advertised" when he ran for president, and that he appreciates what he is doing. And for all of Dobbs' praising, Trump replied that "It's True."

Of course, Colbert had something to say about this love fest.

"I'd say that Dobbs was lobbing softballs, but if that interview was any indication, he doesn't have balls," Colbert said. He then joked that "Dobbs was pleasuring Trump so vigorously that Mike Pence asked 'mother' to change the channel."

"Even Dobbs' criticisms were praise," said Colbert.

During the interview, Dobbs told Trump that he is one of the most reviled people on the left to ever hold office.

To this, Trump agreed. But then, Dobbs returned to praising Trump by saying he's also the most "loved and respected." Trump then replied, "I would say that also."

As the interview went on, Trump complained about how the media treats him. He would tell Dobbs that when he did something he thinks is good, he would expect that he would "enjoy watching television." But when he turns it on, Trump would describe the news as "not so good." To this, Colbert told Trump in a joke that he should stop watching his monologues.

He then told the president that he's "not so good" himself. As for the interview itself, Colbert himself parodied it for his show's cold open.

On Puerto Rico's devastation

Colbert also pointed out that Dobbs was so busy praising Trump, that he forgot to ask about Puerto Rico, which is still reeling from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. But as rehabilitation for the island continues, he points out that 3/4 of the island's residents are still without electricity. He then talks about the company which has been contracted to deal with this crisis, Whitefish Energy. Colbert questioned the company's capabilities to handle the problem, as he pointed out that as of just one month ago, the two-year-old Montana-based company just had two full-time employees.

"So, evidently, restoring Puerto Rico's shattered infrastructure requires the same manpower as moving a filing cabinet upstairs," Colbert joked.

As for these two employees, it was revealed that one of them is named Andy Techmansky. Of course, Colbert just couldn't help but poke fun at the fact that their "tech man" is named "Techmansky." But then, Colbert went in a little deeper into this mysterious company. According to a report by Buzzfeed, Whitefish's headquarters can be found in a small cabin in a forested area. But why should a small company be in charge of such a huge task as Puerto Rico's rehabilitation? It seems that they might have some huge connections, as the company is based in Whitefish, Montana, the hometown of Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke.

Colbert then pointed out that Zinke's son had a summer job "at a Whitefish construction site."

It was also revealed that the contract to rehabilitate Puerto Rico was a "No-bid contract." San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz demanded the contract be voided for ethical reasons. However, Whitefish then replied in a statement that 44 linemen are now building power lines on the island, and 44 more have just arrived. They asked the mayor if she wants them to keep on working or if she wants to send them back. But then, Colbert reminded Whitefish that the power lines in Puerto Rico have snapped, and they should stop complaining and get back to work.