Taylor Swift just dropped a new music video for ‘...Ready For It?’ The song is Swift’s second single from her upcoming album Reputation.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed music videos for many of Swift’s hits like ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and ‘Bad Blood,’ the music video pays homage to various sci-fi movies.

The music video is laced with special effects, CGI, and futuristic visuals. Throughout the video, Swift plays two characters. A dark version of herself is controlling and keeping caged a light version of herself, who is trying to break free from captivity.

Hidden numbers and messages

Swift is seen walking through graffiti-covered walls in the beginning of the video.

At first watch, the graffiti seems to be used for mere aesthetics. Upon closer inspection, many secret messages and references can be found.

The numbers ‘1989’ and ‘13’ are spray-painted on the walls of Swift’s background. These are known as Swift’s numbers. 1989 is Swift’s Grammy-winning album, as well as her birth year. ‘13’ is also the singer’s lucky number.

Perhaps the most interesting number Swift used was the birthday of her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Many fans caught a closeup of Swift typing ‘26’ into a keyboard. Fans also suspected the song to be about Alwyn. This might be Swift confirming the suspicion.

‘Joseph’ is also written in Chinese on the walls.

Joseph Kahn, a very close friend of Swift, is responsible for almost all Swift’s 1989 music videos and her recent music videos for Reputation.

Viewers were keen enough to catchphrases on the walls. ‘Ur gorgeous,’ ‘This is enough,’ ‘I love you in secret,’ and ‘All eyes on us,’ are disguised are written in the background.

Swift’s third single from Reputation is titled ‘Gorgeous.’ Many believe these are the titles of Swift’s songs on her upcoming album.

Snakes, lighting, and cyborgs are also used in the video.

Many believe these are subtle disses at Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. All have famously used the symbols previously.

Eerily, the message “They’re burning all the witches” is spotted in one scene. Although many think it could be lyrics of one of her upcoming songs, it could also be the underlying message of Swift’s album. Kahn recently tweeted about society being tougher on women than men throughout history and ended his Twitter-run by saying, “Remember, they burned witches.”

The meaning of the ‘...Ready For It?’ video

In the video, the two sides of Taylor Swift are battling each other.

In the end, after much trial and failures, the ‘good’ version of Swift wins. She destroys the dark version of herself, exposing a cyborg.

Swift is known for layering her songs and music videos with clues and symbolism to keep fans on their toes. Swift has kept quiet about her recent projects. Regardless, her fans continue to share their theories.

The ‘...Ready For It?’ music video has already gained over 20 million views. Swift’s album ‘Reputation’ will be released on November 10.