The universally beloved singer, songwriter, and guitarist died on Monday, October 2 in Malibu after suffering from cardiac arrest. The unexpected death left his followers in a very brokenhearted state. People were already sad due to the shooting in Las Vegas which resulted in a large number of injuries and took the lives of many innocent people.

An inspiring music career

Tom Petty had a decades-long music career and a reputable position among classic rockers. His nasal voice was incomparable and thrilled the audience, providing them with a real sense of joy.

He was born in Florida and started his music career with the “Mudcrutch” band. Later, he relaunched the band as the “Heartbreakers” after moving to Los Angeles.

Tom Petty’s famous hits

He was a three-time Grammy winner and spent about 40 years of his life in the Music Industry. The most vibrant tune that Petty had written was “Forgotten Man,” from his recent album “Hypnotic Eye” released in 2014. It was loved and highly admired by music lovers. In 1982, he released his album named "Long After Dark" that impeccably put a lasting impression on music lovers. The number of fans became greater after the release of his video "You Got Lucky." Overall, he opened up thrilling music experiences for his followers.

In addition, Tom Petty’s hits also included "Mad Max," "Damn the Torpedoes," "Here Comes My Girl" and "Refugee."

Tom Petty’s fans and followers

Last month, Tom Petty’s performance was highly praised by his fans at the Hollywood Bowl. He was hospitalized on Sunday, October 1 due to a cardiac arrest, but passed away the next day.

His fans and followers are extremely sad and continuously express their love and heartbreak on Twitter.

Tracy Butler‏ tweeted “What can I say...I was "A Woman in Love." #RIP #TomPetty From my sweatshirt I got at Wrigley & from my t-shirt, I bought in the early 90s."

“Tom Petty's music and songs are timeless. He was a wonderful writer, musician, and singer.

Irreplaceable and unique #RIPTomPetty,” said Elton John‏.

Annakim Violette, his youngest daughter posted about the life of her father on Instagram, which showed him to be a great music icon and a devoted family man. She wrote, “We are all a mirror of divine love.” She considers October 2 to the “longest day” of her life.

He was not just an artist but truly represented art. His tunes were so archetypal they cannot easily pass unnoticed; his stanzas and use of words in melodies were so candid that they are applicable to everyone’s lives.