Red, Black, and white have been popular colors for quite a while. You can see the combination on television commercials, business brand logo's, and in the clothing people wear. The purpose is as varied as those who choose these hues. For the past four or five years the MTV Awards, Grammy's and Bet Awards have been infiltrated with most every participant in one, two or all four of these hues. Rumor has it that a number of celebrities joke about being in the Illuminati or having sold their souls to Satan. They use this Color Scheme as a way to alert others of their choice.

These colors are now a part of the mainstream American population, but different people use them for varied reasons.

Red black and white are everywhere

It started out being noticed on awards shows about four or five years ago. Instead of beautiful gowns in vibrant yellow, gold, blue, or green etc., it seemed almost every celebrity attending the any of the Awards shows strutted down the red carpet in either all white, black, or red, or a combination of two or all three hues. On daytime soap opera's the color scheme is being worked into the scenery in creative ways.

One character may be wearing a white dress and facing another who is in a black pants suit and behind them is a vibrant red floral arrangement.A man might be wearing a black jacket and sitting at a restaurant table with a woman wearing a red dress, and the tablecloth will be white.

On "General Hospital" there was a scene a few months ago where Liesl Obrecht was shown from behind flipping her very long black hair, and it fell across her white lab coat. Facing her was Monia Quartermaine who was wearing a black and red blouse.

The reasons for these colors vary

On "The Young and the Restless" Victoria Newman was wearing a black dress, when she put on a white jacket, then picked up a very large red pocketbook.

This could be only a fashion trend, but it happens so often that there seems there is a deliberate attempt to showcase these hues. When you research the meaning of this color scheme, you get varied answers as to their purpose. states that business's use these colors because red gets your attention and makes the heart rate increase, white represents simplicity and easily catches the eye, while black is serious, bold and powerful.

Those who believe this combination of hues is more sinister can do some research which indicates that black is for power and control, white represents a sacrifice of the innocent, and red indicates blood sacrifice. In the Christian church, black represents the sins of man, red is the blood Christ sacrificed on the cross and white indicate one's sins have been washed white as snow. Most people, however, probably consider all of this as a simple current trend in fashion. Those same people do not care about the religious, business or even the alleged sinister allegations to the colors Remeber this the next time you watch TV and see a white background with a black table and a glass of rich red wine sitting on top.