Something interesting is taking place on daytime television. There has been an increase in strategically placed color-coded symbols. Every day, viewers are subjected to red, black, and white invading favorite soap operas. Some people believe the combination of these colors indicates an alliance with a secret society. According to Illuminati Rex, it is done on purpose because the Illuminati is marking its territory. This was very evident on Tuesday, June 27th.

'The Young and the Restless' leads the way with the color code

Tuesday on the CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" Jill returned to Genoa City by exiting a red convertible that had a black rag top wearing a black dress.

Her son Billy pulled up in a white vehicle. A few moments later Phyllis walked over to them wearing a fiery red dress.For a few moments, all were on screen together.

Later Phyllis in her ruby red dress was clutching a black handbag and just behind her were white artificial flowers. In another scene, Colin is wearing a black hooded jacket as he talks to Cane in his kitchen. The table where they are seated is white. As the camera moves, viewers can see between the men and just beyond where they are sitting there is a red thermos on the sink counter.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' is very strategic in its placement of the colors

On 'The Bold and the Beautiful" Katie and Steffy were in the Forrester office and both were wearing dresses that were black and white.

As the camera pans the room there is a red container holding ink pens on the desk near the women. As on "Y&R" the camera stops momentarily when all three colors are in view and then moves on. Over at "Spencer Publications" Wyatt and Liam are talking in Bill's office. The Spencer logo is black and white just behind the two men and there is a large red wine bottle on the table in front of the brothers.

Again, the camera pauses and viewers are able to see all the colors strategically placed.

'General Hospital' is really bold in paying homage to the Illuminati

On "General Hospital" as Dr. Obretch is talking to Kiki the camera twice changes from showing both women's faces to Kiki's face and Dr. Obretch's back. Each time it did so Liesel shook her head so that her hair was moving.

In those two moments, it could easily be noticed that the Dr.'s hair was black against her white lab coat and Kiki was wearing a bright red top. Later Alexis is talking with Kirstina at Ruby's diner. Ms. Davis is wearing a black sweater and her daughter seated opposite is wearing a dark red top. In between them on the counter are white cups and saucers.

The most noticeable instance of color coding involved Sam and Jason. They are shown from a side view seated and holding hands. He has on a black T-shirt and his wife's top is white. To her left and his right is a table with a large red lamp and red shade. A few moments later they are in a similar position. This time, however, Sam in her white shirt and her spouse in his black one are holding up glasses with a rich dark red wine. If indeed the Illuminati is marking their territory by strategically placing these symbols it's pretty ironic considering they are a secret society.