The Walking Dead” Season 8 is about to return in a few weeks. Fans are excited to see what will happen to the life of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company, now that a war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is about to happen.

However, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln talked about the possibility of the television show’s continuation without him. Will Lincoln leave the show? Is Rick going to die?

Lincoln demanding an end to his character’s storyline

Andrew Lincoln admitted that he has been attached to his role in "The Walking Dead” for a long time now.

However, it is quite evident that a number of the show's original acting roles and the actors and actresses who performed them have fallen away as the television show progressed. According to an interview in Looper, the 44-year-old star strongly believes that after all these years; fans want to see a completion to his character’s storyline.

The “Love Actually” star explained that as an actor, he has this "innate feeling to put a period on every play and film" he does. He went to discuss that television format is different. The post-apocalyptic horror series started since 2010. Eight years later, Lincoln said that he is now looking for his plotline to come to an end after doing it for such a long time.

Lincoln suggests show’s storyline to focus on Carl

However, Andrew Lincoln made it clear that “The Walking Dead” is not yet over.

The “Strike Back” star suggested that the long-running television show can go on without him. He even saw his exit as an “opportunity to change” and grow as an actor. Lincoln also suggested that “TWD” can continue the tale of his on-screen son, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), and his struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse.

He recommended that from his story, the camera will then shift to Carl’s narrative. He said that the series can effortlessly do that without breaking its tale. “But whether or not that's this season… well, you have to find out,” he teased.

Kirkman’s take on Lincoln’s possible exit.

“The Walking Dead” comic creator Robert Kirkman also believes that the television show can go on without Rick Grimes.

The 38-year-old writer discussed the fact that the series has a lot of in-depth characters other than Andrew Lincoln and that the storyline is strong enough to continue for quite some time. However, he insisted he has not made any commitment to writing out Lincoln at this stage.