The battle between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will continue in the coming The Walking Dead” Season 8. As the “all-out-war” is about to come, it looks like fans are going to witness bloodbath and deaths.

Heath (Corey Hawkins) is also said to be back to solve a mystery case about the mystifying “PPP” card Tara (Alanna Masterson) has found. In an interview with the executive producer Scott M. Gimple and other cast members, they talked and teased about the future of the much-awaited television show.

A different season like no other

"There are some big deaths this season,” Scott M. Gimple told Entertainment News (via Daily Express).

He then teased that viewers will be surprised to see who are about to say goodbye. Danai Guria, who plays the role of Michonne, earlier revealed that “The Walking Dead” Season 8 is going to be “unpredictable and deeply different” compared to its previous chapters. Austin Amelio, who portrays Dwight, also teased that the next installment will be action-packed and full of adrenaline.

“Season 7 was the ramp-up and now this is the blast-off,” Amelio continued to say. He also added the things that are about to happen are really insane. Also, Andrew Lincoln assured fans that the post-apocalyptic horror television show will go back to its original theme.

As the previous season affected everyone with its different storyline, the 44-year-old actor promised that viewers will once again see its “old glory days.”

Heath’s return and the mysterious keycard

Aside from the coming gory deaths, Scott Gimple also teased the return of Heath. Will he be seen in “The Walking Dead” Season 8?

According to Digital Spy, Corey Hawkins’ role will be back, but it might not be this coming season.

The television show’s writers haven’t forgotten the importance of his character, but his return will not fit the new installment’s all-out-war storyline. "Not a huge chance [to see Heath this season]," he told Entertainment News.

However, the showrunner assured that fans will definitely see Heath again, thus the “Heathies” should never be sad.

“He will be on the show,” he promised. To recall, Heath was last seen in the previous season’s sixth episode “Swear.” He was in a two-week supply run with Tara when things went wrong.

As they were trapped in a herd of walkers, the two got separated. Tara then discovered the all-female Oceanside community. But, when she returned to the bridge to look for Heath, he and the van were nowhere to be found and she only saw a mysterious keycard.

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 returns on Oct. 22 on AMC.