Morgan Creek Productions changed its name to Morgan Creek Entertainment Group (MCEG) today, (28 October) after thirty years since its launching. Along with its new name, the company reveals that it has huge plans which include a possible reboot of the famous comedy film, "Ace Ventura."

Jim Carrey played the role of Ace Ventura for "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in 1994 and "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" in 1995. Both films were huge hits especially because of the comedic performance of Carrey. But what will the reboot be all about?

Is it a movie or TV series?

According to MCEG president David Robinson, the revival will not be exactly the same as the 1990's film. The company isn't sure yet if it will be another movie or a TV series, but they are planning to create a reboot in the spirit of the original.

There is also a big chance that it will be turned into a TV series since it is episodic in nature. Robinson further told Deadline that they want it to be a mainstream theatrical production re-launch.

Reboot's storyline

As for the possible storyline, MCEG head of content Barbara Wall revealed to Deadline that it might focus on a long-lost child of Ace Venture. His child will suddenly arrive on his doorstep and will even take over his job as a pet detective.

There is also a chance that Carrey will reprise his role. Robinson said that he will be happy to welcome back Carrey to do the remake. But prior to that, they want to make sure that the original creators will agree that they will do the reboot.

Before this plan for a reboot, there was already a film titled "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jr." in 2009 which was about the son of Ace Ventura who follows his detective steps.

The description of the film further adds that the junior pet detective will begin his adventures after his mother is wrongly accused of stealing a baby panda.

But according to Bustle, this movie doesn't have anything to do with the original writers of the franchise or to Jim Carrey. With that, it means that there really isn't any reboot yet that roots from Carrey or its original creators.

However, MCEG is eager to make this possible.

About the movie

"Ace Ventura" is about a Miami-based private detective who specializes in the retrieval of missing animals. Although the Miami-Dade Police Departments makes him a laughing stock, he eventually gained their respect after he rescued football player Dan Marino and Snowflake the Dolphin.

Aside from "Ace Ventura," MCEG also have plans for other movie titles which include "Major League," "Dead Ringers," "Young Guns," "Pacific Heights," "Diabolique," and "Clive Barker’s Nightbreed."