"The Originals" season 5 predictions have continued to make the rounds in the buzz feed despite several confirmations claiming that the upcoming installment is going be its last. With the new season's impending release, which is expected to take place in 2018, numerous fan-made theories about what can possibly be in store for the final book are also hitting the headlines.

It seems as though the final season wants to bring a few characters back. According to Christian Post, the latest theory claims that Klaus Mikaelson's (Joseph Morgan) girlfriend Cami (Leah Pipes) might return in the new season as a ghost.

Is this true?

What we can expect from Cami's return?

Cami met her demise in "The Originals" season 3 after she was turned into a vampire. While it is not known yet if the speculated comeback will proceed in the final season, many believe that her return might help Klaus in the process of acceptance as he comes face-to-face with the reality that he's all alone now.

During the finale episode of season 4, the Mikaelson siblings were forced to cast a spell in order to save Hope (now played by Danielle Rose Russell) from being possessed by The Hollow. The ritual succeeded in the latter, but The Original family has to pay the worst consequence of having to be away from each other for eternity to keep the youngest member safe from the powerful entity.

The predictions suggest that Niklaus will be on a killing spree after he realizes that he has already lost everything including his precious daughter, Hope. Klaus' journey in "The Originals" Season 5 seems to be a huge topic, but what's making it more exciting to look forward to is his much-awaited reunion with Caroline Forbes (Candice King).

Will he go for Cami or Caroline?

Following earlier reports which highlighted Caroline's participation in the new season, various spoilers quickly pointed out the possibility a "Klaroline" reunion. The budding romance between Niklaus and Caroline first sparked when the original vampire guest starred in the hit series "The Vampire Diaries."

With Cami in the picture, Klaus' chance with Caroline this time around has become more fuzzy.

In the middle of so many whispers and rumors about "The Originals" season 5, the "Klaroline" romance seems to be getting a lot of attention.

However, amidst fans pushing the brewing romance to take its spot in the final season, show runner Julie Plec previously hinted that she's been put there for a greater purpose. “She’s just got so much life in her. She just brings the spirits up of people around her. There’s just something great about watching Caroline call Klaus on his s—.” Plec told Entertainment Weekly back in July this year.