Rose Mcgowan is not backing down from the ongoing issue of sexual harassment pressed against Harvey Weinstein. Earlier reports claimed the singer-actress has agreed to a $100,000 settlement with the movie mogul after an episode at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

Although she refused to personally address the alleged settlement, the 44-year-old personality has been using her influence to encourage women to speak up and share their stories. She even slammed those people who allegedly covered up for Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconducts over a period spanning about three decades.

Actress exposes Harvey Weinstein amid scandal

On Thursday, the former "Charmed" star shared her own experience with the film producer and how the people around her refused to believe the claims. In a series of tweets directed at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Rose McGowan claimed she was raped by the movie mogul that compelled her to ask for help to handle the incident.

The actress claimed she had a script written for Jeff Bezos' studio until she found out about that a bailout was in the process for Harvey Weinstein.

She also asked the Amazon CEO to reveal the truth about the incident in light of the ongoing sexual assault allegations pressed against the producer.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Rose McGowan confirmed that she was referring to Harvey Weinstein when she wrote the initials "HW" in her tweets.

Producer faces multiple sexual assault allegations

It was last year when the actress first opened up about the rape incident. In a series of tweets, she claimed that she was sexually harassed by an influential studio head. The "Ready To Rumble" star added a female criminal attorney told her that she would never win the case against the accused since the actress has done a sex scene for the big screen.

Rose McGowan opened up about the experience to take part in a social media campaign, called "Why Women Don't Report," that aimed to lay down the reasons why rape victims choose to remain silent.

In light of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the actress also slammed her "Going All The Way" co-star, Ben Affleck, whom she called a "liar" for playing dumb on the producer's past sexual misconducts. Shortly after she attacked the actor, Rose McGowan claimed she had been temporarily banned from posting anything on Twitter.

A representative said the social media platform banned the actress after she posted a phone number, which it said was a violation of their privacy policy.