"The Night Shift," NBC's medical drama series, was reportedly canceled by the network after four seasons. The news was officially confirmed on Friday. The series, first launched in 2014, centers its story about the ER doctors at a San Antonio Hospital, who are working on the overnight shift. In a report by Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed that the series ratings were not performing well for four straight seasons.

The fourth season, which concluded in August, was reported to only have an average of 5.6 million viewers. It was learned that the Season 4 ratings were down for about 17 percent and 29 percent from the series previous seasons respectively.

A window to heroic doctors

"The Night Shift" is a medical drama series which featured actors Eion Macken, Scott Wolf, and Jill Flint. In the midst of the shows' cancellation, NBC has also thanked the show for being a window into the lives of the heroic doctors and other medical practitioners.

Jennifer Salke, the NBC Entertainment President, stated that the network was thankful to the people behind the show. She concluded her statement by saying, “We want to thank our amazing creators and executive producers, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, for their dedication and stellar work; a cast and crew that were second to none."

Despite the show ending, "The Night Shift" has given its audience some insights on how doctors, nurses, and all other medical workers have spent their lives to help those people in need.

The series finale

In a report from TV Line, "The Night Shift" only gained an average of 3.85 million viewers from Season 3. The Season 4 finale will now serve as the series conclusion of the medical drama.

While Macken and Flint headlined as the ER doctors, the series also paved the way for Wolf to play the role of a trauma surgeon, Dr. Scott Clemens. Wolf was also part of the "Party of Five" show, and he later moved to "The Night Shift" as a recurring guest star before he became a series regular.

Back in August, Gabe Sachs, the series executive producer, revealed that the medical drama series still had lots of stories to tell.

When asked about a possible Season 5, he couldn't give a specific answer about whether or not the network would be bringing it back for future episodes.

Sachs admitted that "The Night Shift" was not posting good enough TV ratings for the network. Hence, this made the NBC network to finally decide for the show's cancellation.