"The Good Doctor" was the most-watched program during its third week of its first season. The medical drama was on a trial basis for six episodes, but since it was going so well, ABC picked it up for a full season of 18 episodes. With an average of 18.2 million viewers, the new series beat out some popular veteran shows.

For instance, it was watched more than some of the other popular shows such as "The Big Bang Theory" that had 17.9 million viewers and "NCIS" that had 17.4 million on CBS. It even beat out "This Is Us," which had 17.1 million viewers, and "Sunday Night Football" with 16.2 million.

That is really good news for a new show that the network wasn't sure about initially. ABC is confident that if the views were that high for week 3, they will continue to be high in the upcoming weeks. One reason "The Good Doctor" is being watched might be because it follows "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday nights.

Medical shows winning over political shows

It is quite noticeable that the medical shows are beating out political shows this season. People are faced with so much political news in real life that it is losing its flavor in entertainment. For instance, ABC's "Designated Survivor" is down 35 percent in its second season. "Madam Secretary" on CBS is down 18 percent. Even though "Scandal" is in its last season, it is also down.

It is interesting that more people aren't watching the farewell season.

Shaun Murphy

Viewers are getting to know Shaun Murphy, who is played by Freddie Highmore, as the young autistic doctor who has savant syndrome. He has been accepted as a surgeon at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. He is socially unable to connect with people around him, but he is really smart when it comes to solving medical problems that baffle his colleagues.

It is no wonder that this sounds similar to what used to happen with Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie, on the medical drama "House" that ran for eight seasons. David Shore is the same creator of both medical shows.

Fans love seeing Highmore in a different role than the one he played as Norman Bates in "Bates Motel" for five seasons.

The 25-year-old English actor not only has a leading role in "The Good Doctor," that premiered on September 25, 2017, but he is also one of the producers.

Have you been watching "The Good Doctor" on ABC? If so, what do you think about Dr. Shaun Murphy? Would you trust him as your own doctor? Most people say they would.