The new episode of The Gifted continued to deliver great scenes as the mutants launch an attack against the Sentinel Services to save Polaris (Lorna Dane) and Reed Strucker. Aside from the reunions, the real purpose of the Sentinel Services has been exposed when one new mutant was introduced.

The new Marvel series kicked off this month on Fox, and it adapted the characters from the “X-Men” series, making sure that the plot also connected with the film series. The story’s set in an alternate timeline where the former guardians of mutants, the X-Men have gone missing.

Saving Polaris and Reed Strucker

The underground community of mutants have finally decided to make a move and save Polaris and Reed. They’ve all agreed that it’s best to save them while in transit because the two were apparently set to be transferred to an ultra-secure facility from the prison cell block in the Sentinel Services.

Eclipse (Marcos Diaz) had to revisit an old pal from the cartel and do nasty stuff in return for getting information on the route of Polaris and Reed’s transfer. The mutants belatedly got to put their plan into action because of Andy Strucker’s inability to control his powers.

After a series of obstacles, they were able to save Polaris and Reed in the end. However, Trader was severely wounded in his attempt to subdue the guards and Reed sacrificed his leg so Polaris could use the metal screws attached to it.

Their plan to save the two almost failed because of an unexpected appearance of a new mutant named Pulse. It seems like the Sentinel Services has done something to Pulse to force him to work for them and immobilize the other mutants.

Who is Pulse?

“The Gifted” episode 4 introduced a new mutant named Gus, who was Thunderbird’s best friend.

Two years ago, Gus, Thunderbird, Polaris, and Eclipse attempted to save mutants from a heavily guarded Sentinel Services mutant relocation center.

However, their plan failed and Gus, who decided to immobilize the armed guards, was shot, and they thought he was killed. Gus, who goes by the mutant name Pulse, had the powers to disrupt systems, electronics, and even suppress abilities of mutants at a two-block radius.

Pulse’s sudden appearance and role slightly confirmed what the Sentinel Services were doing with the mutants they’d detained. Pulse looked like he was being forced by something, probably by a drug or through long-term brainwashing that made him use his power for the benefit of the Sentinel Services.

With Polaris and Reed finally saved, the mutants’ next goal is probably to save Gus and find out what exactly happened to him. Exposing the truth behind his emergence will most likely explain how the Sentinel Services really works.